Director of operation James Ole Serian said the operation has been extended to Bothei, Pandanguo, Witu, Pangani and surroundings areas to flush out the militants.

Latest intelligence reports that the Al-Shabaab militants are still hiding in the expansive forest to wage more terrorist attacks in the Coastal region.

“We have directed the herders especially from Tana River, and Garrisa to leave the area within one week to enable security officers to mount major operation. They promised to cooperate and support the operation.” said Serian.

Recently Interior Cabinet Secretary Joseph Nkaissery declared Boni forest as Dangerous and Disturbed Area due to frequent terrorist threats in the area.

Serian told Xinhua that they have intensified search for an Administration Police vehicle stolen in the Lamu terror attack on Christmas Eve when one person was killed.

Police reports said the police car GKB 595J Ford Ranger and a lorry KBY 074 H were commandeered by over 15 heavily armed Al-Shabaab members donned in military combats.

Latest intelligence reports indicate that the Al-Shabaab group is engaging in poaching in the vast Boni forest to support its activities.

Police are investigating three people among them a former Kenya wildlife officer arrested in Mombasa could be funding Al-Shabaab activities in vast Forest.

The three Mohammed Hussein, Roble Abdille and Aden Abdullah were arrested as they attempted to register for a MPESA transaction line within Mwembe tayari area on Wednesday, 54 bullets were recovered from a guest house they had checked in Bondeni area. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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