Kenya’s ICT Authority said the two countries will be connected to a high-speed fibre optic cable within the next two years, enhancing communication and inter-border trade.

 Fibre Optic
Fibre Optic

“Roads and information superhighways are two of the most effective means of realizing accelerated development of any modern economy. Today we are witnessing the implementation of both at the same time in this region,” said Robert Mugo, Director of Shared Services at the ICT Authority.

Fibre optic cable offers reliable and huge data capacity convenient for video conferencing and telemedicine. The two governments are implementing the optic fibre cable system as part of the Eastern Africa Regional Transport, Trade and Development Facilitation Project.

Mugo, who was speaking at the project commissioning event at Lodwar town in northwest Kenya to inaugurate the project on the ground, said the project will also build a road linking the two countries from Eldoret to Lodwar and Juba. A common border post will also be built at the interconnection of the two countries.

Under an agreement inked in Nairobi in January, Kenya will be responsible for the laying of the cable from Eldoret to the border, while the government of South Sudan will lay it from the border to Juba and further to other parts of the country.

The ICT Authority is implementing the Kenyan-side of the project through a World Bank fund estimated at a cost of 25.5 million dollars, while the Sudan side is estimated to cost 15 million dollars.

The project is set to run concurrently with the construction of the Northern Corridor road network, which seeks to link Kenya, Uganda, Rwanda and South Sudan. Once completed, the two countries are set to benefit from fast movement of goods and people and enhanced internet connectivity.

The connectivity will be used by towns and facilities along the corridor including schools, hospitals, government offices and telecommunications operators. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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