“The fear of God, they say is the beginning of wisdom. However if a man who mentions the name of God on several platforms and events refuses to accept he exists, then that person is not being truthful to himself and his followers,” this is what some people who had heard allegations of the controversial Member of Parliament for Assin North, Kennedy Agyapong say about the non existence of God.

Wild rumors are flying all over the Ashanti regional capital, Kumasi about how the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Member of Parliament (MP) for Assin North was heard some time ago strongly saying that there is no God.

Even though the rumor mongers could not explicitly say when and where the MP made this blasphemous statement, some of them were heard passing judgment on him and wondering what he really worships, however conceding that he is free to worship whatever he likes under the nation’s constitution.

After several searches, Today found out that the NPP MP made a certain remark on Kumasi based Angel fm in the heat of the 2008 general elections for which people have deduced that he really meant there was no God.

On that fateful day the Hon. Agyapong who was responding to questions from Kwame Adinkra, the host of the Morning talk show on that station said loud and clear that “if the NDC is able to win this election then there is no God.”

This part of his statement has still not left the minds of listeners some of whom were so surprised that the honorable MP said that.

Some Christians who heard Hon. Agyapong make that statement have since been expecting him to come out and offer an explanation as to why he doubted God’s power to make anybody He deems fit King, and not whoever people think is fit for that position.

Consequently, his utter silence on that statement he made on the Kumasi based radio since the National Democratic Congress (NDC) party won the elections has been very disturbing to some people who think he went too far.

The already under fire MP who is alleged to be heading towards the International Criminal Court (ICC) for genocidal statements he made on his radio station Oman fm in Accra is well noted for speaking his mind on any issue and taking whoever he deems wrong to the cleaners, irrespective of political inclination, age, stature or position.

This has made some people think he has dared to take that attitude towards the Almighty God.

“For a politician to dare say or even make allusions that the Almighty God whom everybody reveres is non-existent, then he must be worshiping something else which we are not aware of hence his boldness to say that on radio,” one of the people who were heard discussing the issued.


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