I really don?t know what?s wrong with popular people and why they have to lie about the obvious. They lie about their relationships, when their relationships don?t work, they lie about it, and they even lie about the cause of the split.

As soon as we all realized that Eazzy was dumped by Keitta, she did the usual ?I?m single and happy? yeah right! ? her PR sent us a an article about why they broke up. To make we look like liars, she turned around and denied it that she never said anything about why she and Keitta broke up.

Last night, I was doing my usual rounds in the club, dancing my alkayida and guess who I bumped into, Keitta and Tinny?s ex-girlfriend at one corner getting all cuddly, touchy-feely and kissing each other of course like nobody?s business. I was fast to let my cam capture them. Check out the photo below as Keitta try to hide his face. Sure after the wild night, they headed home for some rounds. When the GhanaCelebrities.Com guy said Eazzy was being used to hype up Keitta, Reggie was fast to defend it. Oyiwa! Definitely not our business but we didn?t ask them to be famous LOL. Photos below.

2013-11-09 03.28.24

That?s Keitta And His Latest (Her name is Arisa)


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