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Ghanaian Keita Osei head house

One of Ghana’s representatives in the ongoing Big Brother Africa StarGame, Keita Osei, has been made Head of House for the first week of the reality show.

He was named Head of House of Downville after picking the lucky ball during a task which saw the housemates hold a ball over their heads.

Keita Osei picked the red ball which was the lucky ball and was subsequently named Head of House.

Big Brother declared, “This is Big Brother, housemates, this was a Head of House task. The new Head of House with the red ball is Keita Osei.”

Big Brother also instructed Upville and Downville housemates to do the same task. Big Brother informed the housemates to create Facebook statuses from a jumbled up line of letters provided.

The housemates are required to update their statuses with the given letters throughout the whole duration of their stay.

There was no limit to how many times they can like, dislike or update their statuses. The letters cannot be replaced or added to. The housemates have to speak their minds in these statuses.

Keita Osei is currently Downville’s Head of House while Barbz from South Africa, who also picked the lucky spear, is Upville’s Head of House.

Love Brewing In The Kenyan And Namibian Pot?

It is still early days in the Big Brother Africa StarGame as the game gradually warms up with signs of hook ups becoming more evident in the house.

With the exception of Ghana’s Keita Osei and Mildred (Eazzy) who came into the house as lovebirds, some housemates are beginning to find their matches.

One cannot close their eyes to the seemingly love connection between Malonza from Kenya and Junia from Namibia, who are getting closer by the day, after the two had earlier shared a kiss while in the jacuzzi.

According to the Big Brother website, the two got cozy in Malonza’s bed Monday night. Malonza was first to reveal he wanted to understand Junia better because he was convinced the Namibian lass “plays dirty”.

Junia on the other hand sought clarity on Malonza’s relationship situation outside the House, or lack thereof.

After Malonza declared his ‘lone ranger’ status, Junia did the same, revealing she was single. She however could not resist throwing a spanner in the works, confessing she was hanging out with a “very jealous guy” before she entered the Big Brother House.
The two then connected over a lengthy conversation about their families, cats and puppies. There was no mention of Malonza’s brother Alex during the conversation. Incidentally, Alex also locked lips with Junia.

Nigerian housemate Ola has also been spending time with Junia, the only difference however is that they have not really had the ‘love talk’. Is Malonza ahead in the love match?

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