Kei is aiming high with the introduction of her unique brand of Afro Soul Pop. Working in Los Angeles, California, with the famous producer Gemini of Gemini Musiq, who has not only worked with Kei but also a few celebrities like Justin Bieber, Mario, Christina Milian, Lil John, and more.

Kei says the release of “CRY” is a very special moment for her, mostly because she has never released anything before other than the “Stay” cover. “CRY” is currently playing and it is now available on most online platforms (iTunes, Google, Amazon, Spotify, Sound cloud, etc.) and a Lyrics Video is available on YouTube for those who want to sing along.


“CRY is a song that explains the power of love, the bitter after-taste when lovers go their separate ways, but never stop loving each other”, Kei explains. “CRY is very personal, and it was written the first time I saw him after we broke up, which was some few years back.”

So “CRY” is a song that invites the listener into a very intimate part of the gorgeous and single singer’s life.



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