Indian Railways consists of a wide network of railways connecting each and every part of India. There is hardly any place without a railway connection. A large number of people travel by train either on leisure or to work places every day. With so many trains running, it is a difficult task to get an idea about the trains, their timings, stoppages, etc. The Indian Railways time table solves this problem by providing a full detail of every train running in India. It is presented in a tabular form showing the code number and name of the train, its source and destination station, name of every station where it has stoppage and the time of arrival and departure of the train at each station. By consulting the railway time table, you can pick the train of your requirements, check seat availability and book tickets without any confusion.

The Indian Railways time table is available at the reservation counters or certain bookshops in the form of a book and it is updated every six months.

Calling at the toll-free call centers also helps you get the details of the train. Recently, with the coming of computers and the Internet, the railway timetable is obtained online too. IRCTC, a subsidiary of the Indian Railways, has launched a website that gives you full details of every train like the route of the train, stations where it has stoppages, arrival and departure time at each station, seat availability and any further information you require. You can also check the prices of tickets and book your seats in a few seconds at your convenience sitting at home. The online cancellation of tickets is also done and the refund is credited to your account within a few days.

The online railway time table is always up to date. Whenever a change is made, it is immediately entered. This is one thing that makes it more acceptable than the other types of railway timetables. Mobile downloading of a railway time table is also possible nowadays, doing away with the need for computers. Other than this, every station has a timing chart showing the details of all the trains passing through it such as the arrival and departure time and the days on which they are available. Nowadays, the train timings are also found at the back of the page of many of the regional calendars. They contain the details of the trains running in that particular region.

The railway time table is an important tool that you must always carry with you while planning a journey. It assists you in making proper decisions and helps you reach the station in time to board the train without any confusion and ensures a relaxing and memorable journey.

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