Mr. Andrew Felix Kaweesi

Mr. Andrew Felix Kaweesi


?I was touched by the fact that instead of welcoming me, the pupils were running and shouting: ?police has come to arrest us. Tear gas; let?s run. I have a daughter at the school but I was embarrassed. We need to do something to change this image,? Kaweesi said, explaining that the most disorganized part of all Government institutions is that of the public relations.

?You might think that all public relations officers of Government are born by the same father and mother. Imagine what pupils of that age know about police is tear gas,? he said.

Kaweesi was speaking during a lecture on combating terrorism and insecurity organized by the Public Relations Association Uganda (PRAU). He represented the Inspector General of Police, Gen. Kale Kayihura, who had travelled to Mbale on May 22 to investigate the factors surrounding the death of Sheikh Abdul Rashid Wafula, who was shot dead on Friday night in his car as he returned to his home in Nakaloke, a suburb of Mbale town.

In his lecture, Kaweesi emphasized the need to maintaining peace and stability so that investments can flourish but also revealed a plan by police to recruit at least ten civil servants from various government institutions.

Kaweesi said that the civil servants will be trained by police and after be armed so that they can help security combat terrorism?in case of any possible danger.

?We are privileged that we have security personnel in this country who have an ideological clarity?most of us in uniform can stay in the cold to make sure that the economic transformation vision of the country is not derailed,? he said.

?However, the role of public is to see and communicate. We are now going to train people from all institutions of Government and other entities so that they can become the first line of duty. We shall get groups of ten people and train them. After training them we shall arm them so that they help police to fight terrorism,? he said.

By David Lumu, The New Vision


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