In the new issue of?Life & Style, Kate Hudson?s longtime trainer, Nicole Stuart, dishes that when it comes to exercise and dieting, Kate does not believe in all work and no play. ?Kate?s very disciplined,? Stuart notes, ?but she keeps it fun.?


Not surprisingly, laid-back Kate isn?t inclined to cut calories. ?I?m not a dieter,? Kate admits. ?I just love food.? But if she eats something greasy or carb-heavy one day, she?ll offset it the next, eating mostly salads and greens. ?Kate never deprives herself,? Stuart tells the mag. ?It?s all about balance and being moderate. She knows how to live life in the best way.?


And to shape up, she?s turned to what she loves: dancing! Besides enjoying private jazz classes at her home studio and enlisting?Dancing?With the Stars? Derek Hough for ballroom tutoring, she?s lengthening with a strict Pilates routine three times a week. ?It?s the basis of what I do for exercise because it?s dance-oriented,? Kate explains.?Stuart boasts about her client, sharing that she?s ?happy and feels better than ever.?Kate works hard. You have to earn your body!?




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