The roof of Kasubi Tombs remains on the ground two years after a mysterious fire brought it down. Photo by Joseph Kiggundu

According to Buganda Kingdom Information and Cabinet Affairs Minister, Peter Mayiga, the delay is blamed on the monarchy’s traditional norms which restrict any progress on Kasubi Tombs reconstruction before Wamala Tombs are rehabilitated.

Wamala Tombs in Wakiso District, are the burial site of Ssekabaka Ssuna II, the 29th king of Buganda and the great grandfather to five fallen kings at Kasubi Tombs.

“Traditionally, we could not go ahead to rebuild Kasubi Tombs before we restore Wamala Tombs where the father to the kings at Kasubi was buried. Some works like the reconstruction of the surrounding traditional huts have been done but reconstruction of the main mausoleum (Muzibuazaalampanga) has not started yet,” Mr Mayiga said yesterday.

He added that the main construction is expected to start next month.

Last year, Buganda Kingdom contracted Omega Construction Ltd to do the work at Shs2 billion.
Kasubi Tombs were razed by a mysterious fire.

Kings buried there are Muteesa I, Bassamula Mwanga II, Daudi Chwa and Edward Muteesa II.

According to Mr Mayiga, the kingdom has since collected Shs700 million from donations and well-wishers towards the reconstruction and Shs1 billion has been pledged by Unesco.

On July 28, 2010, government appointed a six-member team, headed by Justice Stephen George Engwau of the Court of Appeal, to investigate the cause of the inferno and the team handed over a report to government on March 16, 2011, which has been shelved to date.

Other commissioners were Florence Ssewanyana (secretary), Augustine Omara-Okurut from Unesco and Grace Akullo of Uganda Police Force.

March 16. Kasubi Tombs goes up in flames, razing the building that houses the graves of four former kings of Buganda.
March 17. President Museveni forcefully visits Kasubi Tombs in the morning. Two protesters are shot dead by police after they tried to stop the President from visiting burnt tombs. Kabaka also visits the resting place of his fallen father and grand fathers and breaks down in tears.
March 22. Lukiiko calls for an expanded and independent inquiry into the causes of major fires that have rocked the country.
March 29. Joseph Musoke confesses to torching Kasubi tombs.
March 31. Mengo dismisses Musoke’s claims as being very strange.
July 28, 2010. Government appoints a six-member team head by Justice Stephen George Engwau of the Court of Appeal to investigate the cause of the inferno.
Jan, 16, 2012. Catholic and Buganda Kingdom -leaning advocates issue a seven-day ultimatum to government to make the findings of the report public, or else they seek legal redress.

By Robert Mwanje, Daily Monitor


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