Kasoa Millennium City
Kasoa Millennium City

…IGP urged to call his men to order

Kasoa Millennium City
Kasoa Millennium City
Angry and confused residents of Kasoa Millennium city have called on the Inspector General of Police (IGP) to as a matter of urgency make a statement as to the complicity of some of his officers in the activities of land-guards at the City. This is to clear personnel of the police service from the bastardly act of impunity that is being perpetrated against the management of 21st Century limited- an estate development company; it’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Mr Kofi Asmah and the residents.

The management of the City has for long been battling with the issue of land-guards on the land which measures about 3000 acres. It comprises of Gomoah Feteh Lands and Gomaoh Nyanyano lands, and evidence available to this paper indicates that Mr. Kofi Asmah duly and legally acquired it from the late Omanhene of Gomaoh Feteh -Nana Yaboi Ewusi and the current chief of Gomoah Nyanyano Nana Obeng Yiadom.

Subsequent to that however, a lot of people including some sub-chiefs of those towns (Feteh and Nyanyano) have been creating troubles for Mr. Asmah, seeking to review the agreement between his company -21st Century Limited and themselves. This Mr Asmah has resisted on all occasions resulting in the formation of a Land-guard Brigade termed “Operations flash Asmah out” against him.

The current happenings at Millennium City owned by 21st Century limited are appalling to say the least.

These land-guards are behind all demolitions at the Millennium City most of which happens at the blind sides of Mr Asmah all because they also want portions of the land to themselves.

A protagonists in this endeavor is one Kwesi Alhaji who is in cahoots with the supposed chief of Goamoa Feteh – Nana Yaboi Yamoah and has been tormenting Mr Asmah and his staff and people who have duly and legally acquired lands but are yet to develop them as well as those who have developed their lands and are currently living at the Millennium City.

Series of reports lodged with both the police at the Millennium City police post and the Kasoa Divisional Police have yielded no fruit.

This paper gathered that these supposed land-guards and the chiefs from both Nyanyano and Feteh are hiding behind some Police officers who are said to be strengthening their resolve to do battle with the 21st century limited in a move to illegally reacquire the land that has been legally acquired by 21st century and its CEO Mr. Kofi Asmah. As a result there have been a lot of encroachments on the demarcated area belonging to Mr Asmah. Frequent land-guard activities have led to the demolition of many projects at the millennium city by this supposed land-guards which in some cases have resulted in the killing of innocent tenants on the land with some sustaining various degrees of injuries.

All these continue to happen in the full glare of the police who often appear to be handicapped or unwilling to defend the defenseless – those who are affected by the activities of this land-guards, all because they are said to have received orders and directives from the national headquarters of the Ghana Police Service and the Central Regional Police Command- directives seeking to support the activities of these land-guards and the chiefs who are said to have teamed –up against the Millennium City and Mr Kofi Asmah.

In one instance a land duly acquired by a high ranking politician of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) and the immediate past Central Regional Minister in the person of Hon. Thomas Aquinas, suffered a fate of demolition by these land-guards. Though he reported the matter to both the Central Regional Police Command and the National Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service, nobody has heed to his cry as the wall he built around his land was demolished.
The question arising in all these is why land-guards are allowed to behave in this manner with impunity without anybody calling them to order?

Tongues are waging as to whether there is complicity in all that are happening at the millennium city by some high ranking personalities within the Central Regional Police Command and the National Headquarters of the Ghana Police Service.

Concerns have also been raised by residents of the Millennium City who are calling on Police to rebut the allegations as to their complicity in the activities of the land-guards because indications are that the hands of the Police at both the Millennium City police post and the Kasoa District have been tied , which is why they feel helpless in stopping the activities of these land-guards based on the alleged directives and orders they have been receiving from both the national headquarters and the Central Region Police command.

Source: Jeorge Wilson Kingson, spynewsagency.com


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