The Founder and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Golden Finger Natural Industries, Jonathan Hammond, has cautioned government not to allow foreign manufacturing investors to exploit the country of its row materials to add value to it in their homelands and export it back into the country for their gains as far as the One District One Factory (1D1F) is concerned.

According to him, once government has created the enabling environment for local and foreign investors with respect to the 1D1F, many of the foreign manufacturing companies will come and establish their factories in the country but their main production wouldn’t go on down here. Saying, “They will send our row materials to their countries to add value to I and then come and sell it back to us. So government should ensure there is a proper monitoring system to check these things,” Mr. Hammond revealed.


He was speaking at the sod cutting ceremony of his ultra-modern manufacturing company, Golden Finger Industries at Kasapin in the Asunafo North Municipality of the Brong-Ahafo Region on Wednesday, 31st October, 2018.

Mr. Hammond intimated that, as a Ghanaian and an indigene of Kasapin, the establishment of the ultra-modern manufacturing company was to complement government’s flagship programmes of ‘One District, One Factory’ (1D1F) and the ‘Planting for Food and Jobs’ (PFJ) in the country for national development.

According to hom, the company has already been approved by the Secretariat of the 1D1F and PfFJs and the Ministry of Trade and Industry (MoTI), whereas negotiations with concerned Banks for funds to commence the project were on its smooth course.

The sole aim of the company he said, was to reduce the unemployment rate by employing about 2,500 farmers and 300 youth as direct factory workers, and also create other jobs for the people through its value-chain.

He said, over 500 business entities would be registered as key distributors of the company’s products, and the various banks, especially the Asunafo North Municipal Cooperative Cocoa Farmers and Marketing Union Bank,
in the area together with the Company, would collaborate in assisting the farmers to facilitate loans to enable them in the cultivation and production of the designated crops, including fruits and vegetables to feed the factory.

The company had already secured 40 acres of land through the help of Asunafo North Municipal Traditional Authorities, the Chiefs of Mim, Kasapin, and others for the establishment of the multi-purpose project.

The CEO, explained that, the factory, would operate under four departments – food processing which would be producing about 38 varieties of processed food items; kitchen utensils department for the production of kitchen consumables; cosmetics department for the production of body lotions and household disinfectants; and an organic fertilizer production, where waste materials from the factory and various food crops, would be organic raw materials for the fertilizer production and beside the benefit of direct supply to the engaged farmers, enough would be distributed for sale to other farmers across the country.

On his part, the Brong Ahafo Regional Director of Trade and Industry, Prince Annor Baah, indicated that the 1D1F initiative was a key component of government’s Industrialization Agenda designed to establish at least one medium to large scale industrial enterprise in every district in Ghana.

Adding that, the program was critical to the development of the country since it seeks to create massive employment, particularly for the teeming youth in rural and peri-urban communities, thereby improving income levels and livelihoods whilst reducing rural-urban migration.

He said, it also adds value to the natural resources and and exploits the economic potentials of each district based on it comparative advantage. “It also ensures evenly distribution of industries hence, stimulating economic activity and growth in different parts of the country and ad well promote export and increase foreign exchange earnings thereby improving the country’s balance of payments as well as raising income to support government’s developmental projects.”

Mr. Annor Baah, further noted that within reference to the 1D1F implementation in Brong Ahafo Region, 19 projects or industries in 13MMDAs have been selected to benefit from the first phase of 1D1F roll-out and Asunafo North Municipality was fortunate to host two of these projects. “Golden Finger Industries which we are commencing its operation here in Kasapin is one of the two industrial enterprises,” He said.

“I must iterate with full confidence that Holden Finger Industries has emerged at the right time and indeed has come to stay. I say so because it has surfaced at the time where unemployment is on the high ascendency, poor diversification of rural employment and livelihoods, high post harvest losses and poor market linkages of rural agricultural products.

“Golden Finger as an agro based Industry particularly into food meals and cosmetics will seek to provide market opportunities for our rural farmers, help them diversify the farm operations, create employment for the rural youth due to its rural settings, reduce imports and enhance exports thereby attracting foreign exchange earnings since it envisage to export producteyo the ECOWAS and US markets. This will not only boost the economic wellbeing of the communities within the industrial enclave but the Ghanaian economy as a whole,” Mr. Prince Annor Baah noted.

He however, appealed to all stakeholders who matter so far as the Industrial Transformation Initiative was concerned to collaborate and support the company to thrive, as the Ministry was committed to assist GII to succeed.

Speaking on behalf of the Asunafo North Municipal Chief Executive, Yaw Osei-Boahen, Alhaji Mahama Issahaku, said Government introduced Free Senior High School (SHS) Policy, One District One Factory Programme, Planting for Food and Jobs, sustain School Feeding Programme and the expansion of LEAP as important interventions to mitigate the hardships confronting Ghanaians.

“In the educational front, the introduction of the Free Senior High School Programme and the restoration of Teacher/Nursing Trainees Allowance. In the agricultural front, there is the introduction of Planting for Food and jobs are these bold initiatives aimed at reinforcing our agricultural pursuits.

“I therefore advised the youth against armed robbery, sexual promiscuity, cyber fraud, occultism and disrespect for authority which has become a social canker eating up the fabrics of Ghanaian society.
I therefore urge parents and pupil to take full advantage of these vital Programmes and climb the educational and agricultural ladder to the apex.

Alhaji Issahaku, indicated that, the Municipal Administration was doing its best to help to get the one district one factory (1D1F) implemented. Aaying, “But this transformations cannot come about when other stakeholders such as Nananom, Pastors, Teachers, Parents and the community as a whole are neglected their various roles and responsibilities. I call on you all to come on board irrespective of your political ideology or religion, to help create employment and ease the jobs pressure and improve the standard of living of the people.”

The Chairman if the event, Efiepanin Nana Agyapong Ntra, Akyempinhene of Min traditional area, also lauded President Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo for his in dept knowledge and foresight, for initiating the 1D1F and the Free SHS projects for national development.

Nana, urged the good people of Ghana to throw all their support behind the president. Explaining that, “Though there are some challenges as far as these initiatives are concerned… but if we all come out to support it, we can achieve its good purpose which is national development,” He reiterated.

He further commended the CEO of Golden Finger Industries, Mr. Johnathan Hammond, for not establishing this great project in the diaspora but bringing to down to his homeland Ghana, Kasapin to be precise, where he was brought up. “This indicates a good statesman who has the development of the country at heart,” Nana emphasized.


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