They want the district to be named Lambussie-Karni for peace to prevail.

The people said some individuals with the intention of sowing seed of discord are capitalising on the legislative lapse to engage in sectionalist tendencies which potentially would course dissatisfaction, political instability and ethnic strife in the area.

Addressing a news conference on behalf of the Chief and people of Karni, Mr Fidelis Dabuo, Vice Chairman of the Karni Youth Association said the joint name Lambussie-Karni existed since the inauguration of the district without any dissatisfaction until recently.

He said historically, there was Jirapa-Lambussie Constituency under the then Lawra District reflecting the two distinctive Traditional Areas – Jirapa and Lambussie that were distinct both in language and in culture.

Mr. Dabuo noted that in 1988, the Jirapa-Lambussie District was created out of the Lawra District with Jirapa as the capital.

As a result of peaceful co-existence between the two Traditional Areas, another constituency called the Lambussie Constituency was created in 1992 with part of the Karni Divisional Area which belonged to the Jirapa Traditional Council annexed to Lambussie to enable them qualify for the constituency, he noted.

He pointed out that in 2007, when government was creating new districts, Lambussie Constituency was considered and the people of Karni Divisional Area protested to join the new district.

This caused the Lambussie Kuoro to send a delegation to Karni Naa to appeal to him and his people to accept to join them so they could qualify for the district.

Mr Dabuo said the Karni people requested for the joint name for the district to continue to reflect the distinctive two Traditional Areas, which have politically co-existed peacefully for a long time.

“This request was granted and the district was inaugurated as Lambussie-Karni District,” he said.

Mr Dabuo said it was therefore disheartening having come this far together; some individuals under the guise of a legislative lapse are embarking on a mission purposely to marginalise and neglect the Karni Area and its contribution to the creation of the district.

“We therefore note with much regret and worry that notwithstanding this good and long historical bond that existed between the two communities, certain individuals and chiefs from the Lambussie Area are deliberately engaging in sectionalist tendencies which potentially will cause dissatisfaction, political instability and ethnic strife in the area.”

“It is shocking that these people are referring to the joint name “Lambussie-Karni” as illegal identity of the district and we take a strong reservation to that and therefore request for an apology,” he added.

Mr Dabuo thanked government for granting the request for the joint name.

“If the joint name cannot stay, as it is now being contested by some people, we appeal to government to re-align the Divisional Area to the Jirapa District for peace to prevail,” he said.

“We will resist any attempt to remove Karni from the name of the district while still under the district”, he warned.

Source: GNA/News Ghana


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