Kanye West
Kanye West

Kanye West

Kanye West just unveiled two new songs on SoundCloud. One is a new version of ?Say You Will? featuring Caroline Shaw?, a song from his 2008 album ?808s & Heartbreak?, and the other is ?When I See It? which uses the beat Kanye produced for The Weeknd?s ?Tell Your Friends?.

While the original version of ?Say You Will? found Kanye singing over a bassy, blippy beat, the new version began with Caroline singing ?na-na-na-na-na? as the music come in. The new version was two minutes shorter than the original.

As for ?When I See It?, Kim Kardashian?s husband kept the original background of the piano-ornamented ?Tell Your Friends? as he sang some Auto-Tuned verses about spending the summer ?trying to be at the wrong place at the right time? and riding down the 405.

The songs were actually uploaded two weeks ago but they were completely unnoticed by fans until Travis Scott shared on Instagram on Monday, October 19 a screenshot of the songs along with caption, ?It?s starts.?

Although Kanye hasn?t officially referenced the tracks, a representative for SoundCloud confirmed to Pitchfork that the two recordings were legitimate. It is still unknown whether the songs will make their way into his highly-anticipated new album ?Swish?.

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