The biggest beef in Chicago doesn?t have to do with the violent and misguided youth, but rather President Barack Obama and Kanye West.

Kim KanyeAfter months of the two sending shots at each other, including the President calling Kanye a jackass (twice), followed by an epic on-stage rant by Kanye, during which he said he didn?t give a f*ck what Obama thought, the President has gone so far as to say Kanye and his boo Kim Kardashian have warped the American dream and caused the youth to aspire to do the wrong things.


When asked a question during an interview with David Blum, President Obama put the pitfalls of our country?s youth on the shoulders of Yeezus himself. Here?s what Blum asked:

?Part of the American dream ? even if you?re poor, or lower-middle class ? involves yearning for tangible things you can?t afford. Were there things, when you were growing up, that you yearned for that you couldn?t afford??Obama used the question as an opportunity to blame KimYe?s lifestyle for the misguiding of America?s youth.

?There was not that window into the lifestyles of the rich and famous,? Obama said of his youth. ?Kids weren?t monitoring every day what Kim Kardashian was wearing, or where Kanye West was going on vacation, and thinking that somehow that was the mark of success.?

Ouch. Out of all the things in America, such as the student debt crisis, President Obama singled out Kanye West?s vacationing as the reason why this country is in shambles. F*ck you and your Hamptons house!

Is this unwarranted? There have been tons of rich people who lived gaudy lifestyles throughout America?s history, so why did Kanye get singled out? Sure, social media and paparazzi give us more than we bargain for as far as glimpses into Kanye?s life, but that?s the way society is built now, not the way Kanye built it.

Do you think the President was out of line?

Source: Africaeagle


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