A Kanye West’s concert isn’t complete without his signature stage speech, and you can bet he’d got into many trouble because of it. 

But he doesn’t care whatever you think as his fans, and even the media now look forward to getting exclusives, more like more reasons to nail him during his long speech

Kanye performed at the Life Is Beautiful festival in Las Vegas on Friday night (Oct. 24), and he called out his colleagues for always cooking up lies in their heads before they come on stage.
Kanye says he’s aware that he gets nailed for most of the things he says, and that’s because he doesn’t know how to lie or cook up his speech in his head like his other colleagues who come up with a pack of lies. 

?When I express my opinion, I always get in trouble for something,? he said. ?And it just makes me feel like they don?t want nobody to express no real motherfuckin? opinion. This is very motherfuckin? awkward to me.?

Explaining his reasoning behind the honesty that always seems to get him caught up, West chalked his bluntness up to being too lazy to lie. And his logic is actually understandable.
?I think I?m just lazy. ?Cause when you have to put on some type of facade and make up a bunch of lies and shit, you gotta think about that shit so hard and you gotta remember what the lie was,? he explained ?And I just be like, ?Fuck it, I?m a just go ahead and tell the truth. ?Cause I don?t wanna have to remember no shit.?


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