Says they are mere business outfits

Former Super Eagles skipper, Nwakwo Kanu, has dismissed the activities of football academies across the country, saying they are mere business outfits.

Kanu, who was speaking on the non-qualification of the Nigerian soccer squad for the 2012 London Olympics, said the proliferation of substandard football academies in the country is unhealthy for sport development.

He appealed to the government to set up proper guidelines for establishing academies, adding that the current situation is not healthy for sports development.

“What we see in Nigeria is that individuals are now running outfits they call academies to make their own money,’’ he said. “The problem about our football academies is that everybody wants to run an academy without knowing the real meaning of what an academy is in the first instance.”

“You can’t put up a team of 18 to 20 players and charge them money with no future plans for them and you can call it academy. One has to know what is good for his or her environment and people; if the federation is the one running an academy, then let it be under their control.”

Kanu, who captained the Nigerian team that won gold at the 1996 Olympics, lamented the country’s non-qualification for the 2012 Olympics.

“In fact, the world is not happy that Nigerian team will not feature at the London Olympics football fiesta. The challenge thrown at us is that we should now go back to the drawing board and start preparing for the next Olympics,” he said

“Those administering our football must be seen to be committed, by putting the nation first rather than self. The world is very concerned about the dwindling state of our football so everyone needs to come on board and be committed in moving the state of our football forward.”

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