Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso

Governor of Kano State, Rabiu Kwankwaso

Information available to obtained through competent a source knowledgeable of the ongoings within the administration of the government of Kano State indicates that the workers at the forty four [44] local government areas [LGA] in Kano have not received their monthly salaries for three [3] months and counting.

As gathered, the workers at the various LGA ? estimated at about 5,000 are said to have not received their monthly pay since the month of March 2013. The workers at some of the LGA who spoke to our correspondent indicated that no reasons were given for the sudden halt in payment of salaries. The worker revealed that representatives had been sent to the Governor?s office to enquire on why the salaries remain unpaid but the representative returned without a tangible reason. The representative was not given attention at the government house.

Interesting to note is that in Kano, the 44 LGAs are managed by the Governor ? including the funds received from the federally allocated accounts meant for the 44LGAs. Each of the LGA is administered by an administrator appointed by the Governor. Last year, 2012, the 44 LGAs received about N94billion ? of which was lodged into an account managed by the governor?s office. This year, an estimated sum of N50billion had been paid into the same account ? for the management of the 44 LGAs and payment of salaries.

The Kano State government receives an average of N12billion monthly from the federal account. Last year, 2012, it received N136billion from the federal government.

Informed observers in Kano State point to the sums of money collected by the State government of Kano ? against the infrastructure and capital projects on ground in Kano ? as ?unfair? on the part of the Kwankwaso administration to the people of Kano State.

One of the informed observers who spoke to revealed that the current administration has yet to commission [complete] and project since it took office over two years ago. He charged that the Governor had begun amassing funds for a possible presidential run in 2015. ?He already set up a committee to look into the 2015 campaign and they are working?, said the source.  But other sources discount the allegation against the Governor as mere propaganda staged by the opposition in Kano and outside. ?The Governor is a good man with good heart. He has done more than the press cares to report?.

When our correspondent tried to reach the Kwankwaso administration for comment through the commissioner of information, Prof Faruk, stated that it was not true that the LGA workers had not been paid. He referred the query to the ministry of finance and that of the LGA for further details.


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