Members of the auditor general?s report implementation committee have been indicted for failing to implement recommendations of the auditor general?s report.

They are supposed to ensure that financial irregularities taking place in the various districts are corrected.

But proceedings of the Public Accounts Committee, PAC have revealed that the auditor general?s report implementation committee appear to be virtually non-functional.

The Chairman of the PAC, Kan Dapaah who was angry at the development has warned of dire consequences for the nation?s finances if there is no change.

?Unless we learn to sanction, these things will go on. An accountant made an over payment of 288,000 then you say that so far we have been able to get those who were overpaid to give us receipts not that they have refunded the money but receipts.

?Clearly financial activities are not being undertaken in your assembly in an acceptable manner? Mr. Dapaah said.

Source : RadioXYZOnline.Com


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