Members of the Majority side in Parliament on the Public Accounts Committee (PAC) have accused the chairman of the Committee, Albert Kan-Dappah of taking arbitrary decisions during its sittings.

Member of Parliament for Yape, Amadu Seidu said Kan-Dapaah cannot arrogate powers onto himself by asking the Inspector General of Police to have embattled business man Alfred Woyome arrested and dragged before the committee without consulting committee members.

their argument came as result of the decision to?subpoena?Woyome to appear before it after he refused two previous invitations.

The Committee Chairman, Kan- Dapaah, took a stance to have the IGP drag Alfred Woyome before the committee. However,?the NDC member of the Committee said the committee chair cannot take that decision on the spare of the moment.

Amadu Seidu said he was expecting the Chairman to call a meeting of members to decide what line of action to take after Woyome failed to appear for the third time, even in the face of a subpoena. ?”The chairman is not the committee, the committee is not the chairman,? he said.

The First Deputy Speaker of Parliament Doe Adjaho is also reported to have stated that by the standing order 151, it is only the Speaker of Parliament that has the power to issue a warrant for an arrest of an individual who fails to appear before a committee, and hence the decision by the committee to drag Woyome to it ?could be wrong.


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