Kalyppo, one of Ghana?s most trusted natural juice brands for children will pilot ?Kalyppo Kares?, a flagship corporate social responsibility effort that will bring much needed free community health screenings to families in underserved areas across Accra.
The families in four communities namely; Jamestown, Madina, Kwabenya, and Tema Community 1 will be first to benefit from ?Kalyppo Kares? starting August 15 2015.
General health checkups are not often adhered to by most Ghanaians and in communities that are poor and underserved, even less so.
?People tend to seek medical attention only when they feel sick,? says Nurse Sara N. Yeboah co-founder of Sangy Nursing Services.
?This usually leads to unnecessary and preventable health problems, and we hope by bringing health screenings to children of families that need them most, we can improve the overall health of these communities. ?
Mrs Yeboah and her team will be the health partners doing the much needed health screenings on behalf of ?Kalyppo Kares?. Sangy Nursing Services have excellent community health and medical experience and together they will work hand-in-hand with Kalyppo to serve these communities.
In addition to the health screening, Sangy Nursing staff will also provide basic nutrition and health education information to participants.
Children brought for the health screening will also be treated to free fun and games set up on location for their amusement. There will be bouncy castles, face paint artists, music, surprise giveaways and much more.
?Children?s healthcare is vital to their growth, and education?, said Mr. Chris Ampadu, Project Manager of ?Kalyppo Kares?.
He said that the parents they consulted in developing ?Kalyppo Kares? were very excited about the project?s possibilities. Mr Ampadu further explained that they have reached out to priests, imams and traditional leaders in the selected communities to help spread the word about Kalyppo Kares.
According to Mr. Ampadu, the success of this month long pilot will see ?Kalyppo Kares? being expanded to other regions in Ghana.
In this regard he said that Kalyppo was hopeful that community leaders and parents would do their best to ensure that participation is high so that their children will benefit from the free health screening.
He called on residents of Jamestown, Madina, Kwabenya, or Tema Community 1, to look out for the ?Kalyppo Kares? team as they come through their community every Saturday from August 15th ? Sept 5 2015.
Kalyppo is the flagship natural fruit juice brand from Aquafresh Limited. Aquafresh Limited is a manufacturer and marketer of packaged food products and non-alcoholic beverages in Ghana.
The Kalyppo brand launched in 1998 is for children of all ages, but especially for those aged 4 -16 years old. Kalyppo has no added preservatives.


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