kaluAnything that a celebrity does comes to the public notice with the
speed of a thunderbolt. Some positive deeds of celebrities are
disliked by traducers, while many a fan admire them. From the movies
stars to writers and to politicians, the populace most times does not
treat them with the kind?s glove. This is characteristically with the
news making the rounds that a former Governor of Abia State, Dr. Orji
Uzor Kalu took some time off his busy schedule to swim-off stress in a
private swimming pool.

Methinks he did not commandingly take the picture. It could be those
around him during the swimming time that took the picture, as is a
norm with many financially rich people that people do round them on
every occasions, except when they have gone to bed. Nevertheless, it
is not bad, at all, that a picture was taken on Kalu, when he was
swimming. But the way and manner some persons have commented in the
social media on the photo of the dude inside a swimming pool, make the
pleasure to look like puckish. Some persons are just boring!

For those who have had the opportunity to be closer to Kalu, he is one
man who shares with friends and relatives whatever he has, except his
bedroom. Kalu is well groomed and appears in public without making
mistakes like many who were not well-groomed; the later therefore dig
their graves.

In April, many journalists were very proud of Kalu and have been, when
he walked into a party, which was put together to commemorate the
opening of a new restaurant in Victoria Island, Lagos. A newspaper
comment said: ?This elicited surprise from guests present. Looking
dapper in his dark-hued suit, Kalu was the cynosure of eyes.?

Many thought that Kalu would be cheerless for having a political
running battle with the present governor of Abia State. But the
newspaper continued, ?This has not taken the shine off his social

Kalu truly loves social life. This, perhaps, was as a result of his
humble background, and he has maintained that status to remain humble.
He is one money-man who is not disposed to allow people to worship
him. He makes sure that that inclination is directed into the
adulation of the Almighty. He sees in life that the healthiest thing
to do is for one to be happy with self and humanity. He does not see
himself as a monument; monuments go soon.

There could be celebs that punish themselves by not allowing people to
know their social lives, but this is not the same of Kalu. In his
humble eyes, he does not see himself as that star from the blues, but
whatever he does, people see stars in them and this has made him a
very big star.

Kalu does not see fame as somewhat soup that should be mixed before
people could get the aroma from every direction; he sees fame as
something that requires a dint of hard work, humility and trust.

Dr. Orji Uzor Kalu is being celebrated around the world. From Europe
to America, presidents and leaders of the world go bikini. Kalu’s
should not be a weight of history. A Charles Bukowski says: ?There’s
nothing like privacy. You know, I like people. It’s nice that they
might like my books and all that…but I’m not the book, see? I’m the
guy who wrote it, but I don’t want them to come up and throw roses on
me or anything. I want them to let me breathe.?

People should be happy that Kalu is not like majority of the people
that a Will Smith describes thus: ?Too many people are buying things
they can’t afford, with money that they don’t have… to impress
people that they don’t like!” Kalu sees life as an experiment rather
than a struggle for attractiveness, just as many who do not want to
see his social life do the later.

It is a joyous thing that Kalu is a model and many people want to be
like him. Like Victoria Moran says in “Younger by the Day ? 365 Ways
to Rejuvenate Your Body and Revitalize Your Spirit”: ?The most
reliable topic for small talk is the goings-on of stars whether
they?re rising or falling, and whether nor not a particular story is
truth or fiction. This is way out of balance. It invades the privacy
of men and women who didn?t give up being human when they became
famous, and it negates the meaning inherent in our own lives. (300)?

Kalu must continue to make headlines, positively. He is a man that had
involved real achievement. He is a man who does not wait for his ship
to come; he swims out to it. He does not give up. Some persons have
been swimming and not knowing that they are drowning for just that
picture of Kalu in a swimming pool they saw. Should anyone blame such
persons? They have shown that they have a chance, not a lane.

Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, writes from Rivers State. Tel:
+2348032552855. E-mail:[email protected]


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