Popular actress Kalsoume Sinare is appealing to the general public to help show support for the needy, Vulnerable and deprived in the society especially women and children.
kalsoum sinare
The actress, who has been donating to the deprived areas for Over 5(Five) Years now, revealed to Razz Newspaper reporter Mustapha Inusah that, right from her youthful age, it has always been her dream to make life better for the needy.

As the Executive Director of the Kalsoume Sinare Foundation , KSF, her vision is not only to visit the people in the deprived areas once and just donate items to them, but to give back by building a network of homes for the deprived in the society , and to make an impact through education in women and children.

The vision of KSF is to visit such under privileged areas and introduce the art of reading in the kids. The kids will be motivated and encouraged with the awards to the best readers within such areas.

As part of her plan of making the public understand the true state of those living in the deprived areas, she has decided to come out with a TV program which will run on some of the popular TV stations across Ghana, so that, it can be easier for donors to donate to the needy.

“Education is a priority and Kalsoume Sinare foundation(KSF) is working towards encouraging children in deprived communities with creative skills to better their lives and their communities.

The motive is also to reach out and drive support to alleviate the sufferings of the needy and encourage education for the rural and deprived communities,” she pointed out.

She continued , ” When you go to the remote areas, most homes are so far away from the schools to the extent that, kids are not motivated to go to school, so I am trying to select those places, I have realized the northern parts of the country are the most affected areas but aside those areas , I will be reaching out to children in the Volta Region and then , back to Accra and other areas.”

In the past Kalsoume Sinare Foundation (KSF) in partnership with Coca-Cola company , have distributed Over 2000 shoes to school children to encourage the less privileged to remain in school.

It also made donations and partied with children in three (3) communities within the Amasaman area of the Greater Accra Region.


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