Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi II

The anniversary will take place at Ssese, Ssaza (County) headquarters in Kalangala District.

The kingdom spokesperson, Dennis Walusimbi, said everything was going smoothly in Kalangala.

?Kingdom officials and other Kabaka?s subjects are working day and night to make sure we have the best function,? he noted.

The kingship was restored by President Yoweri Museveni in 1993, following the abolition of cultural institutions by the former president of Uganda, Dr. Apollo Milton Obote in 1966.

He noted that Kalangala is very significant in the Kingdom?s history, because it hosts the only tree species, where the Kingdom makes ?Ddamula? a mace which Kabaka hands to the Katikkiro as the symbol of authority.

Walusimbi said the memorable event helps to reflect on the achievements for the past 22 years since the kingship was restored.

?We can revive Buganda?s glory if people work hard because it is the only way we can develop. We urge people to love their Kabaka and work in unity,? he added.

Walusimbi said it is out of people?s love for Kabaka that Masengere was built.

He cited other ongoing projects like the reconstruction of Kasubi and Wamala tombs.

Walusimbi also highlighted the return of over 300 land titles from the Central Government.

He added that the Katikkiro, Charles Peter Mayiga, last month embarked on another fund-raise drive to revamp Kabaka?s lake.

?Those are very big achievements. We still demand many things from Central Government which were confiscated by Obote?s government. Our team is still doing an assessment of other properties,? he added.

The organizing committee chairman, Twaha Kaawase said the Kabaka is expected to arrive in Kalangala on July 30.

The celebrations kick off on July 23, with several activities including; a health camp and boat riding competitions among others.

Kawaase said they intend to offer free immunization to all children in the area, HIV counseling and testing, cancer screening, medication of other diseases, and male circumcision.

?We have a team of volunteering health professionals who opted to respond to Kabaka?s call in promoting good health,? he added.

By Jeff Andrew Lule, The New Vision


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