Minister for Livestock Development Dr. David Mathayo

Mr Massawe told the Minister for Livestock Development and Fisheries, Dr David Mathayo David, that the challenges include big numbers of illegal immigrants, poor infrastructure on its porous borders and lack of equipments, and shortage of staff.

ccording to Mr Massawe, there were over 30,000 illegal immigrants in Kagera region.  He said a similar exercisewas conducted in 2006, but was halted due to lack of funds, while over 30,000 remained hiding in villages. “We have already identified them and the respective villages  where they were hiding,” he said.

He said the illegal immigrants caused a security risk, by collaborating with criminals in committing robberies and carjacking. He also said the aliens, collaborated with pastoralists in neighbouring countries of Rwanda and Uganda, to bring thousands of unvaccinated cattle into the country.

According to Mr Massawe, over 200,000 herds of livestock from neighbouring countries had entered the region recently.  e noted that the region’s border was porous, sometimes making it difficult to control livestock movements. He said control measures include branding of the livestock and imposing a 50,000/- fine for each head of cattle.

The minister said the aliens had become a big headache that needed to be solved immediately. “We cannot keep a blind eye on this problem. People are complaining and the government should act promptly,” he said. Meanwhile, Minister David has reminded people who engage in fishing activities, to ensure that their vessels were registered and they should have business licenses.

He made the call yesterday while at Igabiro Fish Landing Site, in Kaagya Ward, Bukoba Rural district. This was during a surprise visit at the site where he found a total of 74 boats filled to capacity  by illegal fishing nets. Accompanied by Kagera RC Minister David witnessed as the nets worth millions of shillings were destroyed.

Earlier, The Officer-in-Charge of the Lake Victoria  Surveillance Unit, Mr Rodrick Mahimbali, informed the minister that illegal fishing nets worth 1.5bn/- were recently impounded. While at Igabiro Fish Landing Site, he received complaints from local fishermen that unscrupulous fishermen from neighboring country were using under size net (3 inches) while required standard size nets were 6 inches. Minister David said he would contact Ministers for Fisheries in Uganda and Kenya, to harmonize the required standard of fishing nets.

By Mulisa Bukoba. Tanzania Daily News


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