Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame

Kagame’s remarks were contained in a speech read for him by the President of the Rwandan Senate, Bernard Makuza, at the opening of East African Legislative Assembly sessions in Kigali, on Tuesday.

Paul Kagame
Paul Kagame
He reiterated that all East Africans must eradicate the “business as usual” mindset and strive towards progress of strengthening integration.

Makuza tasked the EAC to involve citizens in the integration process for the tangible benefits to be realized.
He also called on the EAC Partner States to speedily facilitate the implementation of the Common Market Protocol through relevant legislations, saying the delay had cost citizens a number of opportunities.

Under the Protocol, member states agreed to ease movement of EAC nationals within East Africa for labor.
Daniel F. Kidega, the Speaker of the EALA noted that East Africans were interested in seeing more tangible benefits of integration through the various integration pillars.

“With regards to the Customs Union, we are glad the Summit is pushing for the operationalization of the Single Customs Territory to streamline and enhance clearance of goods,” Kidega said.

Meanwhile, the Speaker said the Assembly was concerned about what is taking place in the neighboring Burundi.
“Many lives have been lost, others maimed, peace disrupted, property damaged and the economy destabilized following the rapid escalation of violence and the instability over the last few months. The situation is worrying and could be dire and grave,” Kidega said.

“I have recently had the opportunity of meeting with the President of the Senate of Burundi and called upon him to rally the country’s legislators to go above and beyond the call of duty in restoring stability,” Kidega said.

The Speaker further rooted for sustained funding for the Community, saying it was time for the EAC Partner States to seek alternative mechanisms for funding. Enditem

Source: Xinhua


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