Kafui Danku City People Awards (1)

Fast rising Ghanaian actress, Kafui Danku appears to be relishing her Best New Actress (Ghana) win at the 2013 City People Entertainment Awards as she recently released promo photos with her award plaque.

Although relatedly new in the movie industry, Kafui has shared the spotlight both onscreen and off screen with some of the best in Ghana and Nigeria.  After getting her lucky break in ?Heal Me Heart?, Kafui has gone on to star in many productions including Foreplay Reloaded, A Reason to Kill, A Little Affair, as well TV productions such as 5 Brides, Adams Apples and Tenant.

Kafui Danku City People Awards (2)

In 2012, she took on a new role when she produced her first movie, Letters to My Mother. She has also finished her second production Devil in A Dress, which will be released soon. Kafui talks about her journey and the upcoming movie in the video interview below.


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