The Late Rev. Professor Ebenezer Asibey-Berko, A Fantastic Mentor To The Youth.
The Late Rev. Professor Ebenezer Asibey-Berko, A Fantastic Mentor To The Youth.

Kafui  Ameh  Writes  For  You: (1)Don’t Miss Any  Portion  Of  This  Classic  Update.  All  You  Need  To  Know  About  The  Last  Days And  Reassuring  Words  Of  Ghana’s Top  Scientist,  Educator, Author  And  Inspirational  Christian  Leader,  Rev.Prof.Ebenezer  Asibey-Berko.  He  And  His  Wife,Mama  Lucy,  Visited  Me   At  Legon  Staff  Village  Just  Before  His  Fatal  Trip  To  The  Philippines.


The Late Rev. Professor Ebenezer Asibey-Berko,  A Fantastic Mentor To The Youth.
The Late Rev. Professor Ebenezer Asibey-Berko,
A Fantastic Mentor To The Youth.

…..He  Was  A  “CYCLONE”  From  Iowa  State  University,  Ames, USA,An  Alumnus  Of  University of Ghana, Legon…..A Gentleman’s Gentleman &  A  Pastors’ Pastor

100 DAYS ANDSTILL COUNTING…The Float is gone withAsibeyBerko

A  SpecialTribute  to  Bro.  Eben:By  KafuiAmeh (Former Public Relations Officer, Food Research Institute, Council  for Scientific  and Industrial  Research,  Accra,Ghana).

“I  have  fought  the  good  fight.  I  have  finished  the  race.  I  have  kept  the  faith”

(2  Timothy  4: 7)

What at first seemed like only another nightmare has proved not to be so.  It’s a reality we have to live with.  The reality is thatThursday, November 12, 2015,  markedexactly 100 days since my precious wife, Ann Abena CherieAmeh (nee Akagbor), breathed her last here on earth  at  the Legon  Hospital  and went to be with the Lord.She  was  a  former  Chief  Administrative  Assistant  at  the  Department  of  Crop  Science,  Legon.  My family and all loved ones will always continue to have fond memories of the loving, cheerful, caring mother and friend that God gave us.

Being my principal caregiver and caretaker in the  nine  years of stroke affliction, Ann was naturally excited and anxious about my testimony to tell the  whole  world what the Lord has done for us  by  way  of  restoration.

“Daddy, when is your book coming out?” she would ask. The question came more frequently in the past one year.

“By God’s grace, it will soon come out”, I kept assuring her, with the reminder that it is the  same Holy Spirit which  has  been  with  us  and  protected  us  that  will see us through.

As it turned out, however, God decided to call her home in his own time: Tuesday, August 4, 2015.  She  was  born  on  a  Tuesday,  and  she  left  us  on a  Tuesday.

Only three weeks ago, Rev. Prof. Ebenezer Asibey-Berko and his beloved wife, Mama Lucy,  after  closing  from  Church  at Living  Springs  Assemblies  of  God  near  Trinity  College, came to our residence at LegonStaff Village to share words of condolences and encouragement with my family following the death of my wife,  Ann.

And what did I hear last Sunday from my neighbor, James Tamaklo?

“Your friend who came to visit you the other day has died. I learnt he died in the Philippines”

“Which of my friends are you talking about?” I quizzed, since a lot of friends have been visiting to offer their condolences.

“The Reverend Professor …err..uuh.. whats the name….err….”

“You mean Prof.Asibey – Berko”? I cut in,

“Yes, that’s him!”Jim confirmed.

Another  Nightmare  Or  Reality?

I was left in awe. My mouth went ajar. It was Jim who directed the Prof. and his wife  to my house when they  narrowly  missed the way three weeks ago.

“Oh, whatagain!  My God, what are you doing”? I muttered in utter disbelief, as if expecting an answer.Another  nightmare  or  yet  another  reality?

“Anyway we haven’t got the details yet. I’ll let you know when we have more details”,

Jim assured. I later received Email from my classmate and friend, Rev. Dr. SethKofi Anyomi  from  Texas and Prof. DelaAdadevor of Destiny University College confirming that our dear friend Ebenezer had actually been called to glory. He was said to have had a cardiac arrest while on a speaking engagement at an academic conference in the Philippines.

My  friendlyneighbor Jim Tamakloenext  came  to show me an obituary,  Posterannouncingthe traditional “One week celebration” of the death of Rev. Prof Asibey-Berko.  The program was heldat the Living Spring Assemblies of God Church,Legon, near the Trinity Theological College  and Seminary on Saturday, November 14, 2015.

A  similar  traditional program  was  held  at Barikese-Achiase,  his  hometown  in  the  AtwimaNwabiagya  District  of  the  Ashanti  Region,  where  it  has  been  announced  that  the Prof’s  mortal  remains  will  be  sent  at  the  end  of  February, 2016,  for  interment, after  a burial  and funeral  service  in  Accra.

“The  Float  Is Gone”

The death of Eben came as a big  shock to me and constitutes  a  veritable blow  to  the  body of Christ  as a  whole  because he was  both  a  valiant  and  vibrant Christian soldier who really loved the Lord and served diligently with great humility to the end.  He was a fantastic mentor  to  thousands  of  youth  and  students.

As my friend Charles Deh of the ECOWAS Secretariat  in  Nigeria  would  philosophically say, “The float is gone!”.

I am particularly saddened  but  still  have  to  thank  the  Lord  for  what  He  has  done with  Rev. Prof.Asibey-Berko’s  life.  This is because when I was searching for someone to write the Foreword to my explosive and inspirational book, “I Refuse to Die”,  which is being published  by a  reputable  publishing company  in  America, the lot fell on “The Cyclone” from  Iowa  State  University,  Ames,  USA.. When he came to our homeearly last year to discuss and I asked whether to call him Rev. Doctor, Reverend.Prof.or Prof. Reverend, he offered his typically gentle smile and said: “Oh brother Kafui, why not just simply call me Eben ?” That is how simple and down-to-earth he was.“Okay Brother Eben, you are always the winner”

And with that, we reminisced about the past, including  the  stiff  challenges he  faced  from  the  CSIR  when  he  wanted  to  continue  with  his  Doctoral  studies  in America after  obtaining  his  MPhil.  Degree,  and  how God  gave  him  a miraculous  breakthrough and  has  been  faithful  to  his  family ever  since.  We also joked about what the future holds  for us   and  how  we shall enjoy  life  in  eternity  with  other  children  and  Heirs  of  Salvation. After the chit-chat, he requested me to furnish him with a copy of the book, whichI later did.

“Brother Kafui, you know, I  feel  highly  honored  to  be doing the Foreword  for  your book”, he said, in his characteristically  humble tone. “I rather feel more than honored, Prof.”, I  quipped with  excitement.

Accomplished  Researcher  And  Author

The  task  of  writing  the Foreword  for  my  book  fell  on  him  not  only  because  of  the  close  affinity  we  have  had  over  the  years,   but  more importantly  because Prof. Asibey-Berko  is  himself  an accomplished researcher and writer  with  several referenced research journal  publications to his credit, as  well  as being an  established  author with  three good  published  books.

The  first  one  is “He  still  speaks: Modern-Day  Testimonies of  God  Speaking  to  His  Children”, co-authored  with Stephen  Adu-Amoani and published in 2002.  The  second  one  is, “Approaching  Events:  Christ’s Second  Coming,  The Tribulation  and Final Events”, published  in  2009.

His  third book, “Good Nutrition  and  Lifestyle:  Beter Life  in HIV/AIDS”,  was  published in  2014  and is co-authored  with Rose  MadodziAdjei.

Apart  from being  an  author, Prof. Asibey-Berko  is  an internationally acclaimedauthority  and conference  speaker  on a   variety of  subjects  including  Human Nutrition  and Health,  Food  Technology,  Education,  and  Christian  Leadership.  His research  has always sought  to address topics  which  provide  solutions  to  pressing  national  problems, resulting  in transformation and  impacting  social  change.  And  need  I  say  more  about  the  fact  that  he  is  a Pastor’s Pastor  who  is  a  compassionate  and  real  practicing Christian?

Prof. Asibey-Berko has written an insightful Foreword which provides evidence of  his thorough  understanding  of  the  vision  driving  my  book,  ‘I Refuse To Die’,  and  of  our friendship over the past 40 years when we first met at the CSIR-Food Research Institute (FRI).  He was a Research Officer while I was serving as Public Relations Officer.  He  was a born again, thorough-bred  Scripture  Union  person, from  the  University  Christian  Fellowship, a  group humorously  and  cynically referred  to  as  “Chrife”, while I was  then  a  mere  nominal  church-goer.  Though he used to share the Word of God with me then. I was not converted and was still boozing and messing around until he left for futher studies in America.  By the time he had completed his PhD and came back to Ghana, however, I had become born again. His excitement at  my new birth can better be imagined than described.

Rev. Prof.  Asibey-Berko’s  Foreword  to  my book  shows how deeply  he  understands   the things of God and how salvation combines with the knowledge of God through his Word to change our lives.




Colleagues  At  CSIR-FRI

Some  of  Eben’s  colleagues  in  the  Chemistry  Division  of  CSIR-FRI were Mrs. Juliana Maud Akweley Kordylas  (nee Dagadu,  and  twin sister  of Mr. OkoeDagadu  of GBC fame),  Mr. K. K. Eyeson,  Dr. Matthew  Caurie,  Mr. E. K. Ankrah,  Miss Mary  Halm,  Mrs. Yaa Dufie Osei, Dr. Wisdom  A. Plahar, Dr.Kwame Akorli Vowotor, Mr. James  Tetteh-Marmon,  Mrs.  Candice  M.  Korsah,  Mr. R.T. Kumah,  Mr.  Benjamin Amoako,  and Mr.  David  Asiedu.

Other  contemporaries  at  the CSIR- Food  Research  Institute  include Mr. Benjamin L.  Lartey, Dr. (Mrs) Florence  EfuaDovlo,  Dr. J. K. B. A. Atta, Dr. John Dei-Tutu  (aka SABU),  Mrs. Abigail  Andah,  St. John  AtukweiClottey,  Dr. P. A. Kuranchie, Mr.  E. F. Sackey, Mrs. Agnes  Osei-Yaw,  Mr. David  Quartey,   Mr. CudjoeAheto-Tsegah, Dr. (Mrs) Pearl  Adu-Amankwa,  Dr. NanamDziedzoave,  Dr. (Mrs.) KafuiKpodoh,  Mr. J. A.  Laryea-Brown,  Dr. Wisdom Amoa-Awuah,Mr.  J. K. Amoah, Mr. Jacob Magbo, Mr. Benedict Awotwi, Mrs. Iris Tamaklo, Mrs. Florence  Dake, Mrs. Phoebe Lokko,  and Mrs. Kate  Opoku-Acheampong.

The Institute  was  headed  at  the  time  by  Mr.  J. E. M. Bartels  as  Officer-in-Charge,  while  Mr. J. E. Musey  served  as Administrative  Officer,   assisted  by  Messrs. B. K. Jiagge  and B. A. Sarbah.The  Secretary  to  the  Officer-in-Charge  was Mr. Joseph  Otu-Larbi, author  of  the novel, ‘Yarteley’,  who was succeeded  by  Mr. J. F. Asigbey, with  Mrs. Eugenia  Atta-Sunnu coming  in  later  as  the Administrative  Officer.Mrs.Kordylas, Mr. Eyeson, and  Dr. Plaharsubsequently served as Directors of the CSIR-FRI,  with  Dr.  PaaNii  Johnson  acting  until  the  appointment  of  Dr. NanamTayDziedzoave  as  the  current  substantive  Director.

Dr. R. G. J. Butler and Mr. AmishaddaiAdu  were  the  Director-General  and  Secretary  to  the Council  of  the  CSIR  in  those  days.  Dr. Butler  and  Mr.  Adu  were succeeded  by  Prof.  Walter S.Alhassan and  Mr. Emmanuel Saka  respectively.  The current  Director-General  is  Dr.  Victor  Agyeman,  while  Mr.  Issahaku  Adam  serves  as  Director  of  Administration,  as  the  Secretary’s  position  has  been redesignated.

The  Miracle  Of  Sixty  Dollars

The  soft  spoken  Christian leader,  served  in  the 1990s  as a member of  the Committee  of Elders  of the Legon  Interdenominational  Church. Thereafter, he   was for eight years responsible for the Assemblies of God Campus Ministry and Senior Pastor of Living Spring Assemblies of God, University of Ghana, Legon.  He   most recently served as  foundational  President of Destiny University College, founded by Rev. Dr. Seth Kofi Anyomi, Prof. DelaAdadevor and some other Christian friends.

A  perfect  gentleman  with  an ever-present  smile that soothes  all  kinds  of  pain  and  hurt,Eben was a “Cyclone” from the Iowa State University, Ames,  USA.He has a very interesting testimony  which  is recorded  in  his  book,  ‘He still  speaks’, about a miraculous US$ 60 farewell gift  he  received  from  American friends  of  the Ames Christian Fellowship on  the  eve  of  his  departure  with  his family  from  Ames  to Missouri  at  the  end  of  his  academic studies.  It  was  just  the exact  sum  of  money  he  needed  to  make  the  trip.  It  was  God’s  specific  answer  to  a  specific  prayer  about  a  specific  need!

Departmental  Colleagues  Include  Prof. Samuel Sefa-Dede

Prof. Asibey-Berko  is  also an  Alumnus of  the University  of Ghana, Legon,  where he  later  trained  and supervised  thousands  of  graduate  and  undergraduate  students.  He  also  served for  a  number  of  years  as  Head  of  the  Department  of  Nutrition  and  Food  Science.

Some of the colleagues Rev. Prof. Asibey-Berko  has  worked  with  at  the  Department  of Nutrition  and  Food  Science  are  the  renowned Prof.  Samuel  Sefa-Dede,  a  former  Head  of  Department,  Prof.  Kweku Tanoh-Debra, Prof. Agnes  Budu,  Prof. Esther  Sakyi-Dawson, and Prof.  Emmanuel Afoakwa, the current  Head  of Department.

Before  leaving my  house  with  his  life  partner,  Mama  Lucy  on Sunday, October 25, 2015, a very healthy and youthful looking Rev. Prof. Asibey-Berkotold me that Mama Florence  Yeboah,  the ageless  Evangelist and founding   Executive Director of  GHACOE  Women’s Ministry,   had  shared  all my  concerns  with  him  and  that he would  contact one  or  two  other  friends  to see  what  they  could  do  to  help  me  out  of  my  outstanding  funeral  debt  of  about  US $1,500.  I  thanked  him  and  added  that  he  was  not  only  looking  so  young   and  fresh,  but  also prosperous  by  all  standards. “It’s  all by God’s  grace”,  he said,  and  we  laughed  together.

His  Last  Prayer  At  Legon  Staff  Village

Prof. Asibey-Berko  then  prayed  that  God  would  strengthen  me  and  provide  me with  whatever  it  requires  to  get  my  book  published  soon.  I  told  him my  target  was  to  sell  over  10 million copies  of  the  book  to  raise  funds  for  Evangelism.I  believe  that  with  God,  all things  are  possible.

“We  pray  that  you  God,  who  have  given  the  vision  and  started  this  good  work  in Brother  Kafui, will also guide him  and  strengthen  him to  accomplish it,  in Jesus’  name. Amen!”, he prayed  “Amen  and  Amen!” we  all  responded in  unison.

When  I  called  him  the  following Tuesday  to  thank  him  and  Mama  Lucy  for  the wonderful  visitation  and  ministration in  my  home  the  previous  Sunday,  Bro. Eben   told  me  he  was  in  Kumasi  for  a  funeral  program.  He  said  he  was  due  to  travel  outside  the  country  and  would  see me again  on  his  return  home. Alas!  That promised  meeting  was  never  to  be, as  the  next  time  I  heard  of  him  was  when  my  good  neighbor,  James Tamakloe,  broke  the  news  of  his  death  to  me. Our  next  meeting, I  believe,  shall  surely  be  in  the  other  world.  Until  then,  let  us  join together  with  one  accord  and praise  the  Lord  with  the  following:

“Sing  the  wondrous  love  of  Jesus; sing  his mercies  and  His  grace;

In  the  Mansions  bright   and  blessed,  He’ll  prepare  for  us  a  place.

When  we  all  get  to  heaven,  what  a  day  of  rejoicing  that  will  be; 

 When  we  all  see  Jesus, We’ll  sing, and  shout,  and  shout  and  shout  the  victory!”

Anyone who reads Prof. Asibey-Berko’s Foreword to the book, “I Refuse to Die”, and, indeed any of  his  books,will clearly understand the man,what he stood for  as a  servant  of  God,  and why he has been such a wonderful  mentor,such a  mighty  blessing,  and  such  an invaluable asset  to God’s kingdom.  He will be sorely missed by all, and fondly remembered by all.

Assurance  Of  Hope  For  The  Future

For  anyone  who  has  been  a  dependent  or  friend,  professional  colleague  or  associate, who might have been  looking for any form  of  support  from Prof.  Asibey-Berko, the  Psalmist  David  has  a word of hope  and  assurance.

“I  will  lift up mine  eyes  unto  the  hills ,  from  whence  cometh  my  help.  My  help  cometh  from  the Lord,  which  made  heaven  and earth.  He  will  not  suffer  thy  foot   to  be   moved:  he  that keepeth  thee  will  not  slumber” (Psalm  121: 1-3).  The  great Apostle Paul also counsels: “Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything , by prayer  and  petition ,  with thanksgiving,  present  your   requests  to  God.  And  the  peace  of  God,  which  transcends  all understanding,  will  guard your  hearts  and  minds  in Christ  Jesus.” (Philippians 4: 6-7)

May the Good Lord console Mama Lucy, their children Isaac and Timothy, not  forgetting  Kekeli,  their  grandchildren,  the  extended  family  home and  abroad,  and  all  loved  ones   at  the University  of  Ghana, Legon,  Iowa  State University, Ames,  USA,  Destiny  University  College,Legon Interdenominational Church (LIC),  Africa Christian Mission,  Assemblies  of  God  Churches  in  Ghana  and elsewhere,  The Ghana  Pentecostal  Council, and  the  entire  body  of  Christ across  the globe.

Apart  fromRev. Dr. S. B. Asore, Rev. Dr. T. B. and Mrs. Virginia Dankwa,  Mr.  Nyarko, Mama FlorenceYeboah, Mrs. Dei-Tutu, Rev. Dr.  Seth &  Mrs. Tina  Anyomi,  Prof. DelaAdadevor,  OpanyinKwadwoKyere  and  his  wife  Mary,  Rev. Dr. Andrew  &Mrs. Evelyn  Anane-Asane of  Madison,  Wisconsin, let  me  plead  with  all  other  friends  who  might  be tempted  to accuse  me  of discrimination  by  quoting  my  former  boss  and  Minister of  Environment, Science &  Technology (MEST),  Dr. Christina Amoako-Nuama,  who  became  the  Chief  Presidential Advisor  to  the  late  ‘Asomdweehene’ President, Prof.John  EvansFiifi  Atta-Mills: “All Protocols  Observed.”

May  the soul  of Brother  Eben  Rest  In  Perfect  Peace.  Shalom,  Shalom.Till  we  meet  again  on  that  Great  Day!Shalom! Shalom!

It is finished. It is well. It is well in the mighty name of Jesus!


PS: KafuiAmeh, a widely-travelled Journalist, Broadcaster and Public Relations practitioner,from  Amedzofe-Avatime  in  the  Volta  Region  of  Ghana,  was seconded from the CSIR-Food Research Institute in 1993 to  Ghana’s Ministry  of  Environment,  Science  and  Technology  (MEST), where he served as Information & Public Relations Coordinator until 1996.  He also served as Head of Communications, Marketing &Corporate  Relations  at  World  Vision  International  (Ghana) from 2000 to 2006.

Also known as Willie Ameh,Kafui is  an Alumnus ofSogakope Secondary School (SOGASCO), Lincoln High School,  San Diego, California, Ghana Institute of Journalism, Ghana Institute of Languages, School  of  Communication  Studies, University of Ghana, Legon;  AFS-Ghana, 1969-1970  Year  Group, and National Institute  of Micro, Small and  Medium  Enterprises (NIMSME),   Hyderabad,  Andra  Pradesh,  India.    He is currently a Doctoral Candidate (DBA) at Walden University, USA, and a Deacon at Vineyard Chapel International, Accra.  His forthcoming explosive and inspirational book, ‘I Refuse To Die’, is being published by a reputable publishing firm in Bloomington, Indiana, USA.

Email: [email protected]


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