• As he uses two different  names on official documents

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The Kadjebi District Chief Executive (DCE) Mr. Seth Frank Alifui, has been accused of allegedly using two different names in fraudulently signing documents at the Assembly.

The DCE, according to information, by his actions has been dishonest in his office as the DCE.

A petition written and signed by one Thompson Ofori, a concerned citizen, to the Economics and Organized Crime Office (EOCO) and copied to the Chief of Staff, the Vice President, Minister for Local Government and the regional Minister and intercepted by this paper stated that the DCE, Mr. Frank Alifui clandestinely uses two names on documents signed with the same signature.

He at one instance, used his real name Seth Alifui on a payment document for a compensation of a parcel of land which belong to one Margaret Achaa an aunt to the petitioner and, in another instance signed an Agricultural Development Bank cheque bearing the name Frank Segbaya for John Mork Limited in payment for an amount he owed the company.

This action by the DCE, according to the petitioner was a clear indication of fraud on his part as a public figure and called for investigation into the activities of the DCE.


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