K. Adu Construction and Plumbing Works, a limited liability company has called on the Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) to assist them in their work after an anonymous squad of about thirty entities speculated to be staffs of Bureau of National Investigation (BNI) have intimidated and obstructed them from discharging their duties to supply safe and portable drinking water to the people of the Ga West Municipality.

The dishonest deed by the group has affected five hundred indigenes that are already enjoying the portable water in the first phase of the company?s operation, thereby removing the electronic metre that regulates the flow of water without the consent of any authoritative body. The squad also went a long way to close the main pipe line that provides the municipality with the water and therefore the people have gone back to drink their infected water.

In a press statement issued by the Administrative Manager of K. Adu Construction and Plumbing Works, Mr. Abdul Aziz on behalf of the company stated that due to the persistent spread of Buruli-Ulcer (a water-borne disease) in the area, Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) awarded a contract to their company with the mandate to extend mains to the Ga West Municipality to curtail the rapid increase of the disease.

According to him, the project has been successful under the phase one of its implementation where areas such as Achiaman, Obeyeyie? Abehenase, Fise and Amasaman have been captured and supplied with clean water. Meanwhile, huge figure of over five thousand four hundred and twelve (5,412) household are yet to be captured.

But, as water serve as one of the basic necessities of life, K. Adu Construction and Plumbing Works is working assiduously to ensure that every house in the arena benefits from the water supply as GWCL is committed to provide the good people of Ghana with safe drinking water to prevent the catch of water-borne diseases that has subjugated the Ga west Municipality and other areas.

Meanwhile, the Administrative Manager of K. Adu Construction and Plumbing Works told spyghana in an interview that the actions of the unidentified group have been made known to the Amasaman district police service and he called on GWCL to see to the installation of a new electronic metre to expedite their work adding that, the move taken by the people is a in the wrong direction.


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