President Sambi, leader of the opposition Juwa Party in Comoros has been placed under house arrest for three months and his house arrest has taken a sinister turn.

According to the Juwa Party’s spokesperson Aboubakar Aboud, “Président Sambi, has been a political prisoner under Colonel Azali’s government for the last three months. Now he has been humiliated further by being placed in custody in a ‘prison-like’ room. He does not have the right to use a phone or talk to anyone. He is being denied any means of communication with his family and relatives, putting him in complete isolation. All individuals who were in his service have been removed from the house.”

He added that, “The violations of the Constitution combined with numerous violations of individual liberties by a corrupt judiciary and an army serving a dictator, seriously questions the legitimacy of Colonel Azali as the president of our country.”

“We challenge his house arrest. This move is an attack on democracy in Comoros. Dissidents and opposition leaders are being arrested on a daily basis in connection with a coup attempt in Comoros.

The current President Azali Assoumani has just won a referendum that will extend presidential term limits and end the system of rotating power between the archipelago’s three main islands

The ex-president, who was in power from 2006-2011, is denied any right to share his concerns or fight the allegations against him.
”Not even Writer Sast – Fahad Dada – the sister of Sast (secretary of President Azali) and Me Bahassane, a lawyer, and former vice president Djaffar’s brother.

“There are suspicions that this is an attempt to eliminate some political and military personalities. According to the prosecutor, the investigation continues.

“The arrests come after many others in recent weeks related to the referendum boycotted by the opposition, which considerably strengthened the powers of President Azali, who can now run for two consecutive terms, and abolish the positions of Vice-President and the Constitutional Court.

The result of the referendum is disputed by the opposition party and the civil society,” According to Aboubakar Aboud.


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