Selena Gomez doesn?t end every interview after a Justin Bieber question! Although the singer abruptly halted a satellite interview earlier this week when the subject of her ex came up, she had nothing but nice things to say about her former flame on Good Morning America Friday.

The ?Come and Get It? singer was asked how she and Justin manage to remain friends, despite their split earlier this year. ?He and I have such a history together,? Selena explained. ?I?ll always care about him. And protect him if anybody tries to be mean.? Well, isn?t that sweet. Her reference to people being ?mean? probably has to do with the criticism Justin has received for his recent behavior. In fact, during the satellite interview, the reason she cut things short was because she was asked if there?s ?something we don?t get? about Justin?s ?outrageous behavior.?

Clearly, that?s a very different kind of question than what she was asked on GMA ? so take note if you want to ever ask Selena about her ex! While Selena is currently celebrating the release of her new album Stars Dance this week, she also turned 21 on Monday. As she revealed in interviews earlier this week, the singer will be having a gypsy-themed party on Saturday. Will Justin show up?!



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