Justin Bieber’s six million dollar home in Calabasas boasts a large pool, a huge guest house and garage

Justin treated himself with a luxury mansion in California, by spending $6million on a property in Calabasas.


There was a rumor that he is after a house which was rented before by Ashton Kutcher.

But, looks like Kucher decided to secure that house for himself, and forced Bieber to make another choice.

In his hunt for the perfect luxury home, the singer reportedly narrowed his search down to three properties before selecting this one

Lavish mansion has large pool, huge guest house and enormous garage, and looks like Justin’s girlfriend Selena Gomez will be spending a lot of time there.

It is likely the Bieber will spend a lot of cash to make the property state-of-the-art, including installing the latest high-tech gadgets.

The singer’s girlfriend Selena Gomez is likely to be spending a lot of time at Bieber’s new pad

Reports earlier this month suggested Bieber hopes to install a computerized system which will allow him to have control of his home at his fingertips, from the bathtub to the blinds.

Justin said that he also plans to install his own home cinema theatre as well as a games room – described as a ‘teenage boy’s bedroom’ – featuring the latest consoles and old arcade machines.

Bieber’s new single “Boyfriend” was released today, creating a storm on Twitter soon after among Bieber’s fans.


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