Justin Bieber is no longer upset about his nude photos taken during a vacation in Bora Bora. In an interview with Access Hollywood which will air on Monday, October 19, the ?What Do You Mean?? singer poked fun at the viral photos.

?That was shrinkage for me,? the 21-year-old singer told host Billy Bush with a laugh. However, Justin admitted that he was completely unhappy the first time he learned that his nude photos surfaced online. ?My first thing was like, ?how can they do this?? Like, I feel super violated,? he admitted.

Justin also explained how much he wanted freedom and privacy in his life. ?I feel like I can?t step outside and feel like I can go outside naked,? the singer confessed. ?Like, you should feel comfortable in your own space? especially that far away.?

Earlier this month, New York Daily News posted some photos of Justin naked while walking around the swimming pool at the beach resort in Bora Bora. Model Jayde Pierce was also photographed at the same deck but she wore white cloth robe.

After the photos went viral, Justin?s father Jeremy Bieber allegedly joked about his son?s penis size. Jeremy tweeted, [email protected] what do you feed that thing.? Meanwhile, Justin?s legal team sent a cease and desist letter demanding the removal of the photos because it?s considered violation of the singer?s publicity and privacy rights. The latest report said that the singer wasn?t likely to sue the NY Daily News for spreading the photos because the photos were said to increase his confidence.

? AceShowbiz.com


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