The Young Patriots, UK (YP-UK)said, they are highly scandalised about the revelations on the tape purported to be the voice of the former young Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hammah, on her scandalous and defamatory allegations which are injurious to the reputation of the Supreme Court of Ghana, the President of Ghana John Mahama and the government of NDC.

The Young Patriots, UK have followed with keen interest the revelations and the counter denials by some affected ministers on the tape of the allegation made by Victoria Hammah with her female companion in which Victoria was heard overtly on the tape saying the recently decided Supreme Court Petition ruled in favour of John Dramani Mahama was influenced by some government ministers, particularly Nana Oye Lithur, the wife of the Lawyer for the President, Tony Lithur due to their connections with the Supreme Court Judges.

The Young Patriots believe that, the revelations on the tape paint a damming picture of how venal and weak the judiciary in Ghana is.

Ghanaians may recall that, in his outburst and yelling at Ghanaians whom he charged as contempt of the Supreme Court, Justice William Atuguba condemned the actions of politicians in Ghana and said, “The kind of political game played by politicians in Ghana have serious repercussions for the State”. This outburst by Justice Atuguba lifted the hopes of Ghanaians to believe that the justices would be judicious in deliberations over petition them.

Mr Atuguba stated again in his outburst that, the politicians have disabled the law enforcement agencies with the powers they have arrogated to themselves and therefore it was ?up to the judiciary to clamp down the political bigotry”, to show how powerful politicians can be and how weak the state can also be. He emphasised that “If we (the judiciary) don?t do it, we will be letting down the state?. These were the words of the presiding judge Justice Atuguba. We, the young patriots, UK are therefore urging Justice Atuguba to justify to Ghanaians as to how his outfit has been able to make the state stronger by emasculating the politicians in regard to the revelations in the tape by Victoria Hammah which suggest that the Supreme Court Judges were bribed to determine the petition case in favour of John Dramani Mahama.

“These revelations coming out from the dismissed Deputy Minister of Communication, Victoria Hammah, that indeed the Supreme Court Judges including Mr Atuguba who sat on such a high profile case that attracted the attention of the whole world, were all suborned to pass a judgement in favour of John Mahama, has put Ghana in a very bad shade. Vickyleaks; “I learnt even before the verdict, Nana Oye Lithur, was with the Supreme Court Justices and all that. You don’t know the role she Nana Oye played for us to win the court case.”

The worry of the Young Patriots UK is the current level of conspicuous height of despondency and lack of confidence in the Ghanaian institutions. At the moment, Ghanaians have No hope in the Judiciary because of overt corruption and nepotism; there’s No hope in the National Security because of the political control and selective justices in Ghana; there’s No hope in the government because of the interminable corruption and cronyism; and there’s No hope in the Youth because of the displayed mediocrity of the young ministers and their inexorable love for dubious money.

The Young Patriots UK are appalled with happenings in Ghana and we are therefore adding our voice in support of ?the numerous calls by many Ghanaians and other political parties, urging the Chief Justice to institute a judicial inquiry into this injurious allegations about the Apex Court of the Land.

Per the recent call by the Chief Justice, Mrs Georgina Theodora Wood, that Ghana needs men of integrity urgently, we believe this is a test case for her to also show that she is indeed resolute and prepared to ensure that confidence and integrity are bestowed on the Ghana judiciary.



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