?When preparing to travel, lay out all your clothes and all your money. Then take half the clothes and twice the money?, ? Susan Heller
This week, Hidden Treasures will focus on one unique tourist attraction that has not received as much attention as the famous Kintampo waterfalls. Though not far from each other and located in the same region and area, Fulla waterfalls seems to be the unsung tourist site despite its breathtaking features. Nonetheless, its potential, just like any other tourist site across the world, cannot be underplayed or overlooked. Given the right investments and attention that it truly deserves, Fulla waterfalls can compete on the global fronts and draw unimaginable tourist crowds into the country and generate considerable revenue for the country.Visitors say the falls serene atmosphere, with its ?secret garden? and stepped falls, is best experienced than narrated. Following the scarce information on the waterfalls. We doubled the visitor account section to give visitors the opportunity to tell the story of the falls better. Join us as we explore another unique waterfall in the Kintampo Municipal in the Brong Ahafo region.

Kintampo Municipal

The Kintampo North Municipal is unique in primary tourist attractions and plays a central role in the Brong Ahafo Region?s tourism industry. Tourist attractions in the district include the Kintampo Waterfalls along the Kintampo-Tamale road, the Fulla Falls at Yabraso, about eight kilometres from Kintampo, along the New Longaro road, and Nante Waterfalls at Nante, along the Techiman-Kumasi road.
Fulla FallsAbout 20 minutes? drive from Kintampo Falls is the less visited and more serene Fuller Falls. These falls have an upper and lower section in a cool, peaceful, reflective environment.The hills surrounding Kintampo run from north to south and form a transitional zone between the northern landscapes and the adjacent forested regions that extend into the mountains. Of particular interest is Fuller Falls, located some 7km west of Kintampo. It falls gently over a series of cascades along the river Oyoko at Yabraso. It provides a scenic beauty at the site of the falls as it continues its journey towards the Black Volta River.
The surroundings of the Fuller Falls provides for the visitor a wonderful peaceful scenery and a refreshing pool to take a dip and a place to just relax quietly.The stepped waterfall has a basin just deep enough for swimming. Good for picnics, but difficult to reach unless you have your own car or charter a taxi. It is about 10 km from Kintampo town centre.


A few weekends ago, we had a mid-summer retreat. We discussed what we?d done so far ? the challenges and successes we?d each had, and what we planned to do for the remainder of our placement. These exercises were useful for sharing ideas and approaches, as well as for organizing the hundreds of thoughts zooming around in my head into a realistic work plan. It was also extremely motivating to hear about all the small successes that all the volunteers have had, and realizing the effect of the summation of each of these seemingly tiny contributions. Out of the three-day retreat we had one day for pure relaxation and fun. We chartered a tro-tro and headed 4 hours south to Kintampo. Kintampo is famous for the Kintampo Falls just outside the town. However, we first headed to the lesser known Fuller Falls. It was like discovering a secret garden ? a rocky staircase leading down to a secluded area with low stone walls separating little stone sitting areas, under the canopy of towering trees, with the sounds of rushing water loudening as you approached. The staircase falls look like they were perfectly carved out of the earth. We spent several hours there, swimming at the base, climbing up the rocky steps of the falls, and generally just enjoying the beautiful scenery and each other?s company.
Fuller Falls
The Secret Garden

After a short drive, we arrived at the second waterfall ? Fuller Falls. This is the first of a series of funny signs on the way down to it. Man, I *hate* it when bees become beasts and rob my peace!
I?m confused. So should I feel guilty or not?
What a magical place. It?s easy to see why this is a place for prayer.
First glimpse of Fuller Falls
Stunning! And it keeps going up much further than you can see in this picture.
Braver souls than me! The water was very chilly
Climbing up! You can just see some of the other members of our group sitting at the top already.
At the top of the falls (a view you would never be allowed to get this close to at home, that?s for sure!)
This girl in the distance was fearless!
Yeah, no thanks?
Cool flowers near the top of the falls

Public transport from Accra, Kumasi and other major cities can get you to Sunyani, the capital of the Brong Ahafo region. From Sunyani, public transport of chartered buses can convey visitors to Kintampo and eventually to the various falls.


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