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The Junior Boys Correctional Center and the National Vocational Training Institute [NVTI] at Agona Swedru in the Central Region is owing the Ghana Water Company Limited [GWCL] and the Electricity Company of Ghana [ECG] an estimated amount of about GH 108,000.00 Cedis, being cost of consumption of water and electricity only.

ghana cedi
As a result, the Institute is facing serious outright disconnection threat by the two companies if it fails to pay the money at a given time.

This was revealed by the Principal of the Institute, Mr. Bernard B. Bananzi during the Parents Teacher Association [PTA] meeting of the Institute.

The threat has compelled the Institute to adjust upward some of the levies charged on students.

The inability of the Institute to defray the cost of the utility bills was blamed on the lack of funds as the government has stopped release of money as subvention for inmates of the Correctional Centre without prior notification to the authorities since the Vocational section was established in 1983 to train the inmates, but started enrolling students from outside.

According to the Principal, this situation resulted in the accumulation of the bill, making it burdensome for the Institute to pay.

He stressed that though the Institute has made frantic efforts to repay some of the bill with its Internally Generated Fund [IGF], he hinted that that has not been enough and the Institute faces the danger of being disconnected by the utility providers if an urgent solution is not found to address the problem.

He pointed out that if that happens, the inmates of the Correctional Centre would suffer most, considering their plight.

By; Robert Ayanful


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