ARUSHA, Tanzania — Police in northern Tanzania on Saturday announced to have confiscated 12.4 tons of marijuana, the biggest seizure of the illicit drug of the year in the East African nation.


Arusha Regional Police Chief Liberatus Sabas told reporters here that the seizure is part of their commitment to freeing the country from narcotics and drugs. (Tanzania-Drugs)
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LISBON — Thousands of Communist Party supporters protested in central Lisbon on Saturday against the government’s austerity policies.
Protestors, mostly elderly people, held up flags as the “Grandola Vila Morena” played in the background – a song by Zeca Afonso which dates back to 1974 when a peaceful revolution gave way to democracy. (Hungary-Protest)
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ROME — Nearly 2,000 African migrants have been rescued in Libyan waters by a major operation of European ships coordinated by the Italian coastal guard, local reports said late on Saturday.
The migrants were trying to reach the Italian southern coast onboard 14 boats, according to Carlotta Sami, spokeswoman of the Refugee Agency of the United Nations (UNHCR). She added that as many as 3,000 migrants could be in trouble on open water. (Italy-Migrants-Rescue)
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KHARTOUM — Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir announced on Saturday a new government with changes to key ministerial posts including defense, foreign affairs and oil, official Sudan TV reported.
The announcement came days after the president was sworn in for a new five-year term. (Sudan-New Africa)
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CAIRO — Russian naval units arrived in Egypt’s seaside Alexandria Marine Base to take part in a joint naval training between the two countries, the Egyptian military spokesman said in a statement on Saturday.
“Friendship Bridge 2015 is one of the strongest and biggest joint exercises between Egypt and Russia,” said military spokesman, Brigadier-General Mohamed Samir, adding that the training “comes in light of the high-level bilateral talks pertaining to military and security cooperation and exchange of expertise between the armed forces of the two countries.” (Egypt-Russia-Naval Training) Enditem


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