June 4Ahead of the forth-coming June 4?celebration in Accra ? Ghana,? NDC AMSTERDAM BRANCH wishes to invite all Ghanaians in the Netherlands to a night of celebration, where the platform created would be to listen to all the ideas and suggestions Ghanaians in the diaspora have or hold. ?The aim of this is to try to prepare Ghanaians home and abroad to the outcome of the ?final verdict of the Supreme Court hearings.? The Amsterdam Branch of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)

, has taken it upon itself to encourage Ghanaians into understanding and embracing the thoughts of Unity through affirmative Patriotism, where we all stand as one, to engage our collective efforts to the betterment of our beloved country Ghana.

Speaking on a local Internet Radio station, the Interim Chairperson of the NDC Amsterdam Branch? Mr. Dodoo, said? NDC Amsterdam Branch, has itself overcome lots of challenges in the area of Unity, and is proud to say those differences / challenges are today behind us , and a clearer road-map to bring and/or foster unity amongst its members and sympathizers of the NDC Amsterdam and Ghanaians as a whole is what we are celebrating.? ?He went on further to say? ?the June 4th?1979 ushered in an era of Awareness ? to some of the injustices that prevailed in the country prior to that fateful day, and this year?s call by the founder Jerry John Rawlings for Ghanaians to embrace the spirit of patriotism as we celebrate this year?s June 4th?day is to rekindle that AWARENESS to the fact that our collective actions or inactions is what ultimately goes to shape our beloved country Ghana.

He went to elaborate of the fact that Party Leaders from across the political spectrum should dare themselves to tell their members the truth, rather than encroach the minds of Ghanaians with lies and insults, because in his view, the ?much-ado-for-nothing? attitude of some party leaders is what is pulling Ghana back. Ghanaians abroad should stop the petty bickering over nothing and come up with realistic ?ideas that would build a better civil society in Ghana. After all it?s a fact that the diasporan contributions to our national economy stands at a staggering? 12million dollars a year , and that is something every Ghanaian overseas should be proud of.

When asked about what he views and thoughts are about the current suffering / hardships that Ghanaians are facing today, Mr Dodoo asked if ?there is ?any nation on the surface of the planet today that is not facing economic challenges,? he however acknowledged that it is the way our leaders choose our path as a country that ultimately affects us all, so yes he embraces positive criticism with valid facts and alternate solutions aimed at over-coming or over-writing the wrong directions or paths our nation takes.? It is sad though that the approach some opposition members takes is to try to worsen an already worse situation, which is like mocking a handicap person or placing obstacles for a handicap person on purpose just because you want to see him or her suffer, that he said is where we all go wrong.? Ghana deserves better and we should all become aware of that. He went on to say that Dr. Charles Wereko Brobby of the NPP, seems to be the only one in the opposition camp ?trying to wake up the Elephant to face reality, but seems there are those that want to keep the Elephant asleep and thats very ok so long as its sleep would not give?Ghanaians nightmares.

He took the opportunity to urge members of the NDC home and abroad to comport themselves and refrain from the character assassinations, insults , defamation of character etc, and rather embark on a journey of Patriotism that would continue to Brand GHANA as the beacon of AFRICA.? ???Africa is indeed the future and its about time Africans begin to create that awareness. We applaud the NDC leadership for their vision and mission.


Interim Executives


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