JOHANNESBURG — Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir on Sunday attended the 25th African Union (AU) Summit in Johannesburg, defying an arrest warrant from the International Criminal Court (ICC). ICC
Al-Bashir, dressed in a blue Western suit and looking relaxed, gave the thumbs-up to photographers as he stood for a group picture with other heads of state and government before the summit was kicked off. (AU-Sudan)
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GENEVA — Yemeni President Abd Rabou Mansour Hadi has decided to send one unified delegation to the Geneva consultations scheduled for the coming Monday, the UN Special Envoy of the Secretary-General for Yemen, Ismail Ould Cheikh Ahmed, announced Sunday.
The Special Envoy welcomed the Yemeni president’s decision to send a delegation and encourages its members to participate in good faith and to seek outcomes that would lead to the alleviation of the tragic humanitarian situation in Yemen, and to put the country back on the path to a peaceful and orderly transition. (UN-Yemen)
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NAIROBI — Eleven Al-Shabaab militants, including two fighters of Caucasian origin, were killed Sunday in a dawn attack on a military camp at Baure area, Lamu County of Kenya’s coastal region, a military spokesperson confirmed.
Kenya Defence Forces Spokesman David Obonyo said the Al-Shabaab fighters raided the military camp using light weaponry, including 13 assault rifles, rocket propelled grenades and an assortment of light arms, which were recovered after a firefight. (Kenya-Attack)
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ASADABAD, Afghanistan — A Taliban shadow provincial governor was killed along 14 militants following an airstrike in eastern Afghanistan’s Kunar province on Sunday, an official source said.
“Based on accurate intelligence reports by Afghan forces, a pilotless plane of NATO-led forces carried out an attack on a militants’ hideout in Dangam district early Sunday morning, killing 15 militants including Taliban’s shadowy governor for Kunar named Omar Zadran,” a provincial security official told Xinhua anonymously. (Afghanistan-Taliban-Shadow Governor)
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TOKYO — About 25,000 protesters on Sunday surrounded Japan’s Diet building to express their strong opposition against Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s efforts to ram a series of security-related bills which are considered unconstitutional by constitutional experts.
The protesters likened Abe to Adolf Hitler and called the prime minister “Abedolf,” saying that on the controversial “war legislation” issue Abe acted as a dictator who would drag Japan into armed conflicts again if the war bills were passed in the current Diet session. (Japan-War Legislation) Enditem


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