KHARTOUM — The UN refugee agency said on Saturday that more than 14,000 South Sudanese civilians had fled to Sudan during the past two weeks due to the violence in their home country’s oil-rich areas.
“In the last week we have an influx of about 7,000, and in the last two weeks about 14,000 arriving and that’s considered an emergency within an emergency,” said Ann Encontre, UNHCR’s regional refugee coordinator for South Sudan, in a statement. (South Sudan-UN-Refugess)
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ANKARA — Turkish security forces on Saturday fired warning shots to move Syrians away from the border line, as thousands gathered at the crossing to flee clashes in their hometown, private Dogan News Agency reported.
The Turkish security forces did not allowed any Syrians through the border gate and warned them to move away from the wire fences around the Akcakale crossing in Sanliurfa province of southeastern Turkey, according to the report. (Turkey-Syria-Refugees)
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TEHRAN — Iran will not allow secrets of country to be revealed with the implementation of Non-Proliferation Treaty’s (NPT) additional protocol, which allows snap checks on nuclear facilities, Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani said here on Saturday.
Iran will voluntarily implement NPT’s additional protocol to enhance the transparency of Iran’s nuclear activities like other countries that have accepted the protocol, Rouhani said, adding that “however, Iran will not allow the military and technological secrets of the country to be accessed by others under the pretext of this protocol.” (Iran-Nuclear) Enditem



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