European Commission (EC) President Jean-Claude Juncker said on Tuesday night after a Euro summit that Grexit cannot be ruled out though he doesn’t want Greece to leave the eurozone.

“Friday morning will be the last moment,” Juncker said, setting a deadline for the Greek government to present “credible and comprehensive” proposals to move forward.

The EU has called a 28-member-state summit on Sunday, signaling the bloc has already “a Grexit scenario prepared in detail.”
“And we have humanitarian plan if need,” he said.

“I am strongly against Grexit but I cannot prevent it if Greek government does not do what is asked of it,” he told reporters.

Juncker also showed his anger toward Greek officials’ calling EC “terrorists.” Thumping the table, he said, “Who are they, and who do they think I am.”

“I am not a terrorist and i didn’t like being called so,” he added. Enditem


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