juan-pablo-the-bachelor-nikki-ferrell-copyIn the new issue of?Life & Style, on?newsstands?now, insiders exclusively reveal that?Bachelor?Juan Pablo and winner Nikki Ferrell have ?barely spoken? since the final rose ceremony and those close to the couple say the relationship is through?already!?

“After seeing Juan Pablo?s make-out sessions with Andi, Nikki?s worried about what really happened between them in the fantasy suite,? a friend tells?Life & Style, of Nikki?s best friend—Andi Dorfman. ?Deep down, she?s convinced he had sex with?her.?

And the trouble doesn?t end there.??There is no romance left between Nikki and Juan Pablo at all,? a pal explains to?Life & Style.??He?ll send a ?What?s up?? text message here or there.??Instead of making things work with Nikki after?The?Bachelor, he spent his time shooting cheesy commercials for appliance stores and fast-food joints. ?Juan is a different person than she thought,? continues the pal. ?He doesn?t seem interested in bringing this relationship forward. He?s not making any effort to maintain and Foster it.?

But the pal explains Nikki?s?somehow?still willing to pack her bags and move to Miami where Juan Pablo?s daughter, Camila, 5, lives. ?Juan Pablo would be happier with them having a long-distance relationship,? the friend tells?Life & Style. ?When the show first ended, they saw each other every other weekend, and now they don?t see each other very much at all.?





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