The might of the Islamic Terrorist group, the Boko Haram may be fast dwindling amidst what appears overwhelming crackdown by the men of the Joint Task Force [JTF] in the recent days.

Information available to indicate the men of the JTF raided a suspected bomb factory belonging to the Islamic terrorist group. A source within the JTF revealed that the operative discovered the said house was discovered last night [Saturday] through a Boko Haram source who told the men of JTF  that the residence were being used for making Bombs. According to source, the house belonged a popular/prominent Alhaji. It is located at the back of Barewa college, Zaria

Before the men of JTF raided the residence [bomb factory], the men of the Boko Haram were said to have been tipped off by another source that the JTF has uncovered their hiding place ? and that they were to raid the place the following day ? being Sunday. As gathered, the men of the Boko Haram decided to hold their ground and defend the residence against the planned raid of the JTF.

As the JTF men arrived at 9am to raid the bomb factory, the factory immediately turned to violent. Gunshots were exchanged before the bombs exploded ? killing the bomb makers. Up to four of the bomb makers died.

No men of the JTF were recorded as killed or injured.

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