unnamedNew England ~?Brownie points to anyone knowing that Myers Briggs is a personality test, administered to give the taker insight into what ‘type’ of person they are as a tool for self-awareness and betterment. For the purpose of New England wordsmith?Joyner Lucas’?new song though, consider it a?“Looking Ass N*gga”?for those with a more intellectual musical palette. Over a bouncy?Mr. Kooman-produced beat, Joyner unleashes his personal ‘people-watching’ observations, pulling off the layers of disguise to uncover the fakes, losers, rats and users who hide beneath their internet personalities and exterior trappings of success and infect our daily lives.

For those who missed his performances at?SXSW, I’ve heard it said that he blew the socks off of several Hip Hop dignitaries like?Sway & Tech, Chuck Creekmur?andGrouchy Greg?at?All Hip Hop’s?Lit Lounge Showcase. Stay tuned for his recently turned-in?DJ Booth Freestyle?and an appearance on the upcoming?Rapfest Cypher, both dropping in April (hint – he KILLED them.)


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