2012 Youth Dialogue with Presidential Aspirants: Address By JOY2012; Venue- National Theatre Accra; Date: 2 Oct, 2012

JOY2012 To Empower The Youth Holistically.
JOY2012 To Empower The Youth Holistically.

Let me firstly thank the organisers for extending an invitation to the office of JOY2012 and myself, Jacob Osei Yeboah, the real Independent Presidential Aspirant and the Next President of The Republic of Ghana. You?ve clearly demonstrated the Youth is indeed the backbone that holds this nation?s future if well resourced. I was amazed at how Emmanuel Ansah and co had researched into my background and had even found out about the upcoming launch of my book entitled the ?The Next President of Ghana?. It definitely shows ?that the Ghanaian youth, ?given the opportunity can outrun or run at par with other Youth in the developed nations. You?ve indeed identified with the next generation of leaders from Africa, called the Cheetah Generation by Prof. George Ayittey, a Ghanaian economist based in the USA.


The Cheetah Generation refers to the new and angry generation of young African graduates and professionals, who look at African issues and problems from a totally different and unique perspective. They are dynamic, intellectually agile, and pragmatic. They may be the “restless generation” but they are Africa’s new hope. Africa salvation rests at the back of these Cheetahs. JOY 2012 is part of the Cheetah generation and so are all of you.

I see most of you like the Cheetahs who see things differently by extending an invitation to the next president of Ghana, Jacob Osei Yeboah. The only presidential aspirant whose name has the acronym JOY, indicating that Ghana needs JOY after election 2012. JOY is impregnated with PEACE.

Let us with the Cheetah characterization understand that Ghana and for that matter most Africa nations have staggered on with tested governing systems (partisan politics) and political ideologies (Capitalism or Socialism) for over 55 years which have still not seen such a potentially rich nation like Ghana flourishing in an improved standard of living of its citizenry especially during the fourth republic by political parties. What our literate forebears had hoped for was to develop our nation with these governing and political systems. Instead of this expectation we have rather seen our nation wandering through political, economic and social wildernesses in our land of birth. True or False?


Jacob Osei Yeboah (JOY), an Electrical Engineer, an Entrepreneur, a Strategist and Social Thinker having empirically analysed why the known governing systems and political ideologies have not been much useful to the Ghanaian and so much so to most African nations decided with his team dubbed JOY2012 to look into the history of formation of Ghana with the view to correcting past mistakes and establishing a solid foundation for the emerging Ghana. JOY2012 believes that Ghana is at a precipice and needs cognitive foundational reconstruction for the sake of our nation going beyond 2012 election so that lives will be protected, businesses thrived, political administration competently restructured, economy fundamentally worked, social cohesively lived and Technology appropriately applied as a foundation and restoration for the youth and the future generation.


Paramount among the systemic failures of the known governing systems and political ideologies had been the blame game played by each successive government against the previous administration but ironically each successive governments makes a little improvement and performs worse. In fact to the shame of the educated leaders, the pre-independence society before colonisation and even in colonisation seems more preferable to current Ghanaians. If you think this is not a fact, check how many people will run into a ship heading towards Europe or find out how much people have to pay in order to get to the Western World. But, JOY brings a new vision that hinges on the philosophy of transformational leadership with the Poet and Gardner Leadership Style.

With JOY there will be Jobs for all, Opportunities for all and Youth Empowerment. This is the dispensation of the Youth and the real Ghanaian. Except a seed sowed got rotten in the earth it will not sprout out beautifully and yield more fruits. So must the Youth and the first time voters( Azonto Voters) must shift from the known partisan politics which cannot help us and give their votes and power to JOY that Ghana will have JOY after election 2012.


My understanding is to outline JOY2012 policy on the Youth. The age bracket as a definition for the Youth is between 15-35 years.

What JOY2012 seeks to do for the youth in particular are;


  1. Lead the formation of a National Development Agenda (NDA). No political party can do that for Ghana except we form Unity Government to set the NDA goals. JOY government will do that for Ghana. With NDA there will Jobs for all, Opportunities for all and Youth Empowerment;


  1. Youth Representation at 2nd Upper Parliament. Coalition Of Youth Development Organisation of Ghana (COYDOG) and NUGS shall have Four Seats. This is a means that a JOY government will challenge the youth with leadership opportunities to actively lead in matters affecting their generation. National Youth week shall be Instituted to showcase and improve youth development programmes and innovation awards for creative solution;


  1. Education ? Accessibility, Quality and Alternative Forms to fill Industries? gaps to fulfil the? NDA;



  1. Jobs- Create Job Centres in all districts;


  1. Sports- Create Sports and Recreational Centres. Nurture sportsmanship in the Youth.



  1. GIBPY- Government Innovative Business Partnership with the Youth (18yrs business start-up). GIBPY walks with you in your business start up. What you need is creative solutions to problems; Entrepreneurial and Innovation Reward Scheme.


  1. Rent policy shall be enforced for six (6) months maximum advance payment. Pragmatic Mortgage Policy. Flexible Payment terms for the youth.


  1. Human Resource Capital Capacity Foreign Services. (Nurses, Teachers, Doctors and Technocrats)





The government 2010 National Youth Policy with a vision ?An empowered youth, contributing positively to national development? and its rationale states ?The youth constitute the true wealth and future of our country. Addressing their hopes and aspirations must be an integral part of our socio-economic development efforts. Successive governments have over the years, realized the need for policies that would empower the youth for effective participation in the National Development Agenda (NDA)?.


To conclude, ask your government, where is the National Development Agenda? Can any political party lead the formation in order to empower the youth? Only JOY an Independent Presidential Candidate can lead the formation of NDA for you. Benin has voted for an Independent President, Thomas Yayi Boni and current chairman of AU. Ghana can do better with Azonto election 2012. The JOY Azonto election is duly launched.



JOY2012 ? Jobs for all, Opportunities for all, Youth Empowerment in 2012.


www.joy2012gh.com; www.jacoboseiyeboah2012.com


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