Today our?nation?stands at a crossroad and it is left for us to decide which path we choose to take. Do we take the path of despair and dishonour and give up on our country??Or do we rise above it all and latch on to the promises of God for our land and for our people? With biting poverty, mounting hopelessness, a bleeding economy,?youth restiveness, unprecedented violence, brazen acts of terror?and all manner of vices and evil thriving?in the land?one wonders how things got so bad. The foundation for our current situation?was laid?many years?ago and since that time we have seen so much suffering?and failure at virtually?all levels. We were plagued with leaders who lacked?vision, who lacked intellect, who lacked?sincerity of purpose and who were antagonistic to those?that dared to challenge their visionless and purposeless policies. Our country?is currently bedevilled with so much negativity that?it is?easy to look around and just?give up. Yet I say that we must never give up because ”hope springs eternal”.??The bible says though the night may be dark yet?”joy comes?in the morning”.??The?wise ones?say you cannot have a message without a mess. You cannot have a testimony without a test. You cannot get to the top of the mountain without first?going?to the bottom of the valley. This is true.?And out of Nigeria‘s ”mess” shall surely come?her ”message”. Out of Nigeria‘s ”test” shall surely come her ”testimony”. We have been to the ”bottom of the valley” and therefore we shall get to the ”top of the mountain”.?Our dream for a better Nigeria shall never die and neither can our collective?prayers be in vain.?I refuse to give up because I know that the?God that I serve never fails. He alone rules in the affiars of?men. He alone?forges the destiny of nations. Out of?a?deep void and formlessness?He ordered the creation of the?world. He established it by the power of His word and He?gave us dominion over it.
In the same way?He?created Nigeria for His purpose and for?His glory and that purpose and glory shall surely?be established. It shall?come to pass and it will?be manifest to the entire world. We shall see it and we shall be established in it as a nation and as a people. If God can do it for?others,?He can do it for us too. We can be great and, by the grace of?God, we?shall be great. This is my dream and this is what I see. And believe me when I tell you that it is prophetic. A Nigeria where every man and woman, regardless of faith, ethnicity, status?or political persuasion finds a common cause and relishes in our collective humanity. A Nigeria where the rich have a conscience and the poor have hope. A Nigeria where joy and?peace reign supreme?and where bombings and killings are a thing of the past. A Nigeria where the?descendants of Ishmael and Isaac and the?adherents of the two?great Abrahamic faiths of islam and christianity live together in?peace, harmony and mutual respect. A Nigeria where?the secularity of the state is respected?yet where?God is reverred and honoured by all. A Nigeria where the knowledge and fear of the Living God?reigns in the hearts and minds of the people. A Nigeria where every man is His brother’s keeper, where?leaders show compassion to?those that they lead, where justice?is done to all?and where political?persecution has no place. A Nigeria?where decency is rewarded, where dissent?is tolerated, where non-conformity is?encouraged?and where equity is enthroned. That is the Nigeria of my dream. A Nigeria where youth unemployment is?low and where?every individual, no matter how high or low,?can aspire to any position and live his or her?dream. That is the Nigeria of my dream. A Nigeria where human life and human dignity is sacrosanct and where fairness is the watchword of every soul. That is the Nigeria of my dream.
I have no fears about the future of this great nation because?the God that I serve never fails. The bible says?the nations are ”as a drop of water before Him”.?He sits above the circles of the earth and He counts the earth as His footstool. Yet despite His sheer awesomeness and majesty,?with Him lies great compassion and?mercy.?Once we return to Him, acknowledge Him, honour Him and are led and guided?by Him, He will?restore us and?shower us with His blessings.?The Lord awaits us to make the right choice. We either continue to wallow in?self-delusion, wickedness, greed,?murder, the?persecution of perceived enemies, the abuse of power, evil and insenstivity or we?desist from?our wicked ways and turn to Him. I am?persuaded that once we make the right choice our date with destiny, as a people and as a nation, will come far sooner than?we can possibly imagine.??In his book?titled ”The Wretched of the Earth” Frantz Fanon said the following-?”each generation must, out of relative obscurity, discover it’s mission and?fulfill it or betray it.”?Past?generations in Nigeria?have not lived up to?expectation. This is the bitter truth.?

Yet there is still hope as long as we have faith.?That hope and faith?is our blessed assurance and it?lives in our minds and hearts. We know that the Lord will?fix it.??We know that He is ”more than able”. We know that He is a man of war whom none can?resist and we know that He restores, redeems?and rebuilds even the most broken?and wretched walls. ?Dr.?MartinLuther King jnr.,?after?delivering?his celebrated and inspiring?”I have a dream?speech,?was?felled by an?assassin’s?bulleton?April 4 1968. To those that?killed him,?his?dream?died?with him.?Yet they were wrong. They did not know that great dreams, once birthed,?never die.??That is why the Word of God said ”if?the princes of this world had known they would not have crucified the Lord of Glory”. If those that murdered Jesus,?and the devil?that inspired them to do it,??had known that?He would honour His word and?rise up three days later they would not have?crucified him. ?They persecuted Him, they humiliated Him, they?beat Him, they tortured Him, they spat on Him and they?killed Him yet they could not kill?His dream or abort His mission.? His dream lived on and became a reality for all mankind to see. It was the same?with Martin Luther?King. They killed him but his mission had already been achieved and his vision came to pass 45 years?after his sacrificial and selfless death.?This is indeed?the stuff?of which dreams?are?made.?Great?things are birthed in great dreams and if?you?dare?to dream nothing is?impossible.?
I have a?dream?for?Nigeria. I?have?a dream that?one day?Nigerians?will?see themselves as Nigerians before anything else?and they will not regard their country and its people as?a collection of?strange?bed-fellows that do not love or trust one another.?Yet?this?dream?can?only be?fulfilled?when?those amongst us?that call?ourselves?leaders?preach, practice?and display discipline, temperance,?holiness,?morality, restraint, tolerance, mercy?and the?fear?of God?in the conduct of?our affairs. It can only be made manifest when we stand up and fight against evil,?tyranny,?injustice, indeceny, bad governance, the abuse of power?, political persecution and sheer?wickedness.?Our dream can only be brought to reality?when?love?is?the motivating factor?in?all that?we?do.??The Lord?commands us to?love?our?neighbour as we do ourselves. That is the cornerstone and the foundation?of? our?faith and it is in that faith and that resolve that our hope for a better and greater Nigeria?lies.?I have a dream that Nigeria will be what God wants her to be, a great and powerful nation that is?dedicated to the Living God and that will?act as a shining example and a?beacon of?light?for all to see.??
I?assure you that despite the dashed hopes and unbearable?suffering of millions of?our people?over the last 52 years, our dream still lives and the Lord shall not forsake?us. Our land and our people may seem blighted, in despair, depressed, repressed?and confused. It may appear?as if there is no hope for a better tomorrow and that nothing will ever?change. It may seem as if the Lord has?forgotten us and it may appear that our story is one of recurrent failure and shattered dreams. Yet this is not so. I have come here today to tell you that, despite all?we see and hear,?it is not over for us as a people and as a nation. I have come here today to tell you that we as a people?have a date with destiny. I have come here today?to tell you that?Nigeria and the Nigerian dream lives on?and that it?shall be made?manifest for all to see in the fullness of time. I therefore?urge you to?be strong,?to?hold your heads up high, to be proud of who and what you are?and to?stand firm.?The vision is for an appointed time. Though it may tarry it shall not prove false. Just hold on.?

God?bless you and God bless?Nigeria.


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