By Francis Tandoh
A Senior Officer of the Extractive Resource Governance Unit at the German Development Cooperation (GIZ) Friday urged journalists to engage stakeholders in the extractive sector deeply to ensure good governance, transparency and accountability.Journalist
Mr. Allan Lassey said here at Dodowa, 40 km north of Accra during a capacity building workshop organized by the Institute for Financial and Economic Journalists (IFEJ) in collaboration with the GIZ and the Swiss Secretariat for Economic Cooperation for 30 selected journalists.
He observed there were a number of issues that has emerged in the oil and gas sector since the country discovered and began the production of the resource about four years ago.
The only way the media can hold leaders accountable according to him, was for their capacities to be built to understand issues in the sector.
The legislature, executive and civil servants he noted keeps building on their capacities to improve on their work and similar opportunities were necessary for journalists to be able to hold leaders accountable.
?The media needs to engage and engage deeply. If parliament and the executive have failed the people, the media cannot afford to fail the people. The people trust the media more than politicians and you need to take advantage of that,? Mr. Lassey observed.
The GIZ, according to him decided to collaborate with IFEJ and SECO to put up the training program to build a core of journalists who will keep leaders alert to ensure good governance and accountability, get the people who matter in the sector to journalists as well as to create a common platform for knowledge sharing.
He admonished journalists to eschew petty partisan politics and seek responses to pertinent issues affecting the people of the country.
President of the IFEJ, Mr. Lloyd Evans bemoaned the discussion partisan politics on the Ghanaian media landscape while pertinent problems confronting the people were relegated to the background.
He asked journalists to go back and do what they know best. ?As journalists, let us begin to rethink on how we can help our countrymen.?
The 2-day training workshop by IFEJ, GIZ and SECO among others seek to build the capacities of the selected journalists to improve their reportage in the extractive industry to ensure accountability.


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