Rape and defilement has been cited as the highest crime being committed by juvenile offenders in the country.

It is unclear what is actually luring these children into such heinous crime since in 2011, it was stealing that was recorded by Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) as the highest offence being committed by these juveniles.


Obviously, it is an indication that, the country needs to do more investigation to fish -out the exact cause this immoral act which is hampering national development.

The Executive Director of Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) Mrs. Susan Sabaa, made this sentiment at a media training which was organized for some Selected Journalists in Accra, with the motive of equipping them with the requisite reporting skills and strategies would help them stand tall to combat Juvenile crime which has been identified as a serious threat national development.

“An analysis of available court data between 2011 and 2013 indicate that stealing was the most common type of offence committed by children representing 50.7% of cases reviewed, followed by assault /causing harm (17.9% and rape and defilement (12.4%).

The majority of the offenders (87%) brought before the juvenile courts between 2011 and 2013 were boys, and most are between the ages of 16 and 18 years,” Mrs. Sabaa disclosed.
“It could be social media influence. Since we have polluted the environment with sex talks. For instance with our dressing, adverts so children all over are now thinking this way,” she conjectured.

According to her, in order to surmount the menace there is need to strengthen the educational system by reviving the School Counselling Unit to help shape these children.
The Brand and Communication Consultant for Child Research and Resource Centre (CRRECENT) Mrs. Efua Chidi, expressed worry about the manner in which some media outlets have been infringing upon the dignity and rights of children in the country.

She therefore advised journalists to eschew sensationalism in their reportage especially when reporting on issues relating to juvenile crime. At the end of the programme (CRRECENT) presented Certificates to all the Journalists who participated in the training.

CHILD RESEARCH AND RESOURCE CENTRE (CRRECENT) is a civil society institution that focuses on evidence-based programmes to promote child and youth rights and development as a direct function of national development.

By: Isaac Kofi Dzokpo/


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