A former National Democratic Congress (NDC) parliamentary candidate has called on the leadership as well as rank and file of the party to publicly apologise to former President Rawlings every chance they get for the way they have treated and continue to treat the founder of their party.

Dr Joseph Mamboah-Rockson, who is now acting General Secretary of the newly formed National Democratic Party (NDP), said the NDC has been ?rude? to president Rawlings and have even extended this behavior to former President Kufuor whenever his comments on national issues go against the NDC?s views.

Speaking on Adom FM?s Dwaso Nsem on Thursday September 13, 2012 Dr Rockson said the NDC would have to continually apologise to former President Rawlings if they hoped to convince him to campaign for President Mahama and the NDC ahead of the December poll.

?If I were him, I would say they should come out and apologise publicly. NDC owes President Rawlings plenty (of) apologies. They should do it in public. NDC have been so rude to former President Rawlings?

?When leaders, when former Presidents talk, they are ridiculed by NDC. The other time when president Kufuor spoke, he was ridiculed. They have no respect for our former presidents.?

Source Adom News Ghana


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